January 2019 Updated Hero & Fragment Locations


Im SOOOOOO glad caine and halo are now farmable. Unless they are in district 13. Im still having trouble with 11-10H.


Same, I have alternating Kunoichi and Sentry every 10 days, and then every third time calendar I will get a random hero on my 10th day (had Flatline, Caine, Panzer, and Wesson I believe):

Ya, because less than a month is plenty of time to get a hero to 10*…

Even if you are already 9*, it would take over 3 months to max these heroes out. That’s if they showed up as 10 frags in the PVP store each day and you didn’t reset. If you figure they will average 5 frags a day, but you reset 3x each day, that’s still only 15 frags per day, or 450 frags per month. That means 2.5 months to get a hero from 9 to 10* and you are giving people less than a month’s notice…

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the notice. However, it’s not really a ton of time to do anything unless you are already half way to 10* or don’t care you are getting cut off before hitting any further ranks. As others have said, Mandrake and Dogface are PVP AND PVE staples so removing them is going to really hurt newer players. Not only that, you are replacing Dogface with a relatively crappy hero in Hardscope. It would be much more beneficial to remove some of the currently weak PVP heroes no one really cares about like Gammond and Castellan. I wouldn’t even bother changing the Gauntlet hero lineup since Flatline was just added a few months ago.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! The changes above are still planned to go into effect, but we appreciate your feedback going forward.


I like the changes… keeps it competitive, and allows newer users a chance to advance some heros that others haven’t been focusing on yet.

I think the aliance store should alwayshave 4 random heros.

Personally I think the pvp and gauntlet should randomly change as well.


Love the changes, so ready for the update of the new year. Can’t wait for the anniversary plans you guys have… Better not be stupid Coughs i.e. Bounty debacle Lol


I find being optimistic helps!


this will hit me hard on the farming but changes always a good thing :slight_smile:


I always think its a good idea to rotate heroes around to get a better mix of new heroes and to be able to upgrade other ones. I like the changes so far it would be nice to have a Easter Hunt (cough cough) or a Devastation sometime this year.


So essentially those carrying a title like developer or editor have all said tough poo and we dont care about your feedback. Seems pretty consistent with their generic and automated responses to tickets in game. Terrible idea to remove mandrake and dog. Add them to a long list of terrible updates in recent months. A better move would have been to remove Maven since shes offered in campaign, daily challenges, and gauntlet. While you at it, put panzer back the way she was! She can barely do anything against rearline heros. The fix was only based solely on the feedback of the top 10% in this game. They were tired of their 10* flatlines, nightgales, and halos getting run over by 7 and 8 * panzers. Most of us are aware of the “leadership” chat on discord and convos that take place… and how devs coddle the top players.


Why should a normal forum user who edited one of his own posts should care about feedback? :thinking:


He’s still under the impression that the editor title is given to staff members, and not regular players of the game - like him, you, and I.


He’s not the only one who seems to think that!


Maven is offered in campaign yes and so is Dogface gonna be once he pops out of the store,
aka. your suggestion is nullified.
Also Mandrake is lootable from campaign.

PS. I am an editor so I have a bit of power.


And the Panzer nerf was not a Panzer Nerf, bit a change to all shotgun weapons. Panzer even got buffed because of the changes.

But this is off topic in this thread, like 75% of his post.


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Because you are an editor and have lots of power, silly. :crazy_face:


Lol what powers do editors enjoy? :thinking:


Absolutely nothing. :clown_face:


While I agree with most of your post company man, I do understand the devs decision to ‘coddle the top players.’ Its a general truth in a mobile freemium game that once a game has been around for long enough, the devs focus on 2 things:

1 - closing the gap between new/old players
2 - bringing in new content and offers that appeal to the long standing player base

This decision seems to mainly cater to #2 in my mind. The problem is this move does not support #1 at all imo. In fact its the direct opposite unless they make major changes to the cycled in heroes that allow them to stand as core heroes in place of guys like mandrake and dogface. And even then its likely a starting from scratch point. Maybe the data shows the game isn’t bringing in enough new players to justify coddling new players and they are better off maintaining the existing player base. Who knows. But I don’t think coddling the top players is really a bad thing if it means keeping them here and funding the game.


I disagree with your statement #1. In order for a freemium game to thrive, they need a small overpowered core group of players and a bunch of sheep to follow them (preferably money spending sheep). The sheep can not be allowed to catch up to the core group but they endlessly try nonetheless. That is the reason for the nerf. If everyone was balanced and had the same strong heroes, the game would get boring as there would be nothing to chase. No end goal. No reason to spend $ trying to catch up.

But I dont get why nerf when they could’ve just left it as is and introduced new stronger heroes that only the OP core group could attain? Maybe nerfing is easier than innovation.