January 2019 Updated Hero & Fragment Locations


They will be replaced with random Heroes.


I am continuously being affected since after fortress new change will takes away 2 more of my heronium farm. But I think I will find a way and would have anyways used frags on heros being added.

I feel bad for newer players and think they are most affected here since mandrake and dogface atleast are essential heros to have for missions and good to build PVP teams around.


Wow, so we have 4 random heroes? Cool! Wait, did you change your avatar? I still remember you as Hideo, not gammond! @huginn :thinking:


This is why I’ve focused primarily on silver crate heroes. They are core heroes I dont really see HH changing up and they usually appear in other places as sources (AKA - glad i focused on Hardscope recently and will 10 star him soon). I at least appreciate that they are telling people ahead of time.

I understand the need to rotate, but do find the dogface and mandrake ones to be the toughest blows. These are very cores heroes in all aspects of the game and typically the first ones people 10 star based on heavy use and farm ability. They have also been in these stores since the first day I played the game so I am surprised by this specific rotation. I’m fine since I have other sources and really this will only help me farm other heroes, but thats not the case for everyone.

Simply put, I think rotating Dogface and Mandrake is a bad idea. Others seem fine. Just my 2 cents.


@Justice95 You’re thinking of another dev, Muninn. He’s the one with the Hideo avatar :wink:


Better get Dogface and Mandrake now, then! That’s why we’re giving you advance notice.


Dogface is changing it shocked me…:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Muninn is the Hideo :wink:


Oh sorry, Huginn and Muninn? I got confused man Lmao :joy:


Yeah, sorry I really confused with that double “nn” in your last name :joy:


There’s a reason they look so similar :stuck_out_tongue: they’re meant to be a pair.


Wow, I never know about this, thanks for bringing me this article, this is quite interesting :thinking::grin:


I agree with you here. Dogface and Mandrake are crucial heroes. Mandrake is avaliable at hard 10-1, which deep into the game. I have them at 10* so it does not affect me that much. But I do not think I would have got where I am now without them.
No-one needs Gammond anymore. But Mandrake and Dogface should be avaliable in early game.


Halo add good dogface remove bad and please add Caine in pvp


Don’t remove mandrake


Its not really about getting them. More so about having a hero to farm heronium. I guess i didnt really address that in my post. These heroes are not only crucial for game survival, but also for a starting block to end game farming. They naturally allow you to take core guys you already have to keep things moving. I just think taking both out at the same time is a bit much since they havent moved in a long time. Dogface especially has been a solid mainstay through the whole game for most people.

I guess we will just have to see how this effects players. Wont change much for me, but can see some people being quite frustrated about it. Especially if they dont read the forums. Im passing word onto others I know.


Any 5+ star player add in PvP gunlet or alliance permanent


Where is Prius frags going to be found @ ?? She was going to be my 1 st 10 star!!


So did i miss something? Cal and Gal removed from alliance store, is there a fixed replacement for them or will theor spot be filled by random heroes at resets or just removed?