January 2019 Updated Hero & Fragment Locations


I see so much complaining.

But I’m catching up faster to the beta players then that they can get ahead of me.

And of course… some spends tons of cash, they will grow faster then someone who’s f2p, but the only reason those people can play is because the people everyone seems to hate pay the salary of the developers.

those 5 $ you spend once in a year you played this game is already lost in taxes.

Some people don’t understand how the world works…


Exactly, I seeing that a lot.

No they don’t.

Yeah, ikr, some people don’t understand how the world works.
You know how much a 15$ gift card costs in my country? 1.785.000(rials) besides that a lot of people can’t purchase anything (from foreign online stores) or do a redeem in my country (Iran)
I spent a little, almost 8$ on this game and I’m enjoying it, I don’t hate to pay them more because I’m addicted to this game, I would like to spend more but I won’t, when I see how much I have to pay.

If you want to make a free game, make it the way that free player’s don’t get disappointed after getting match up with min/maxers 8/10 matches, don’t release OP hero’s, because players who spent a lot of cash, they can get them right away and sure they will have advantage with OP hero on that month or longer.
make a balanced game. Period

Or if you are so worried about taxes and salaries since you are not balancing the game, make it a non-free game, and people who want to pay, they will purchase the game on Play store and App store, Personally I would.


I agree with balance, I’ve been hammering on that for months and I completely agree.

But that has nothing to do with people who spend money on this game, if you want to take the benefit of money away this game will stop development now, servers will stop and in a day this game will be offline.

Tell me how much time and money you want to spend working for free and paying a lot for server costs and don’t receive a single buck?


It’s funny everyone acts like they don’t get paid all those Ads that you view money goes to the developers, the free gold on tapjoy some of that money goes to the developers. Don’t let them fool you to think they aren’t getting paid. Now of course buying the in game items is more money in there pocket. They make money on those ad’s that we watch.


Ads have very low revenue.


That it’s not what I’m saying,

of course people who spent money in game should have advantage and sure they have, the problem is when developer’s release a OP hero, and high level VIP members get that hero, it make everything terrible.
I remember I wasn’t level max when they release Panzer, I was using all gold hero’s and all I was facing min/maxers with plat panzer and silver supporters, because of this I didn’t play the game for 1 week, I was frustrated. It’s not the way to give your VIP members an advantage, it’s completely unfair, it will make people leave the game. This is what I’m against.
I would like to pay them, I find Monthly drop (1000golds) pretty fair and great, but I can’t pay for that every month because it so much money in my country, and a lot of people may have this problem, or they can’t purchase from online stores.

Everyone month high level VIP members have an advantage at least by buying featured hero before free members and it’s completely fine, but if that hero is OP, it will make a lot of people leave the game, I saw 6 of my friends uninstalled the game because they were facing HUGE disadvantage.

Me and You and a I can say everyone (not min/maxers) on this forum; we are on same page and we want a balanced game.
But think about it, if you are free member, at level 50 with gold hero’s and out of 10 matches you are facing 8 times min/maxers with plat dps and silver supporters, would you ever think about spending 1$ on this game?


Im curious what your actual solution for “Just fix the game lol” is, your statement is about as useful as saying “just solve world hunger!”

I have never ever seen a game that was 100% balanced without being boring or way too simple. Chess/checkers is balanced, Magic the gathering/Starcraft/Street Fighter are NOT balanced.

For a game that updates monthly hh does a pretty okay job at keeping it fair and fun


Since they don’t, your whole argumentation is invalid.
The last op heroes that were released were Panzer (July) and Irfit (August). They are both on a reasonable level now. All the other heroes that were released, before and after weren’t op at all.
And you do not get a new hero faster because you are a high VIP, you get it because you pay for it.

This whole min maxing discussion is off topic here, there are enough threads for that.


I did a bit of research on this topic. They get about 5$ per 1000 watched ads. Given you watch your 4 ads a day and may do some tap joy offers they get about 10$ a year per free player.
Given that even a badly paid developer gets 50k a year they need 5k free players to pay just one of their developers. From forum and discord activity my guess would be that they have at least 6 developers that work mainly on this game they need at least 30k actively playing free player just to pay their developers.

Conclusion is, They make some money with the ads, but without the paying players the game would be dead soon.


Also, not only developers need salary.


I don’t think people hate to pay the devs. I mean I love this game and have been stuck here since May 2017 I think. For the first few months I completely played as an F2P player before grabbing a deal to get VIP 1. I generally don’t spend money on mobile games because they can easily turn in to a P2W game which is not fun if you can’t afford it. When I started playing HH(or Gun Rise as it was called back then) I was still in school with only the occasional ref money as income I couldn’t really afford to spend on this game. What’s great about HH is that they have found a good balance of the benefits the higher VIPs get and what you can do being a F2P(or mostly F2P) player. This and all the friendshiptime is what made me stay in this game.

Since mid November I got a job and could probably afford to spend some more money on this game but the thing is that I now take pride in being a VIP 1 and still kick ass as the commander of a top alliance.

I don’t know the economics behind F2P games in general but I’m curios how big part the ad-revenue is compared to players actually purchasing gold equivalences. Like how much do I support games that I like but can’t actually afford to spend money on? Does watching ads even help the devs?

Edit lol Walle did actually answer my questions when I was writing this reply


Maybe bad wording, but I was talking about hate towards players paying the salary of the developers not the developers.

But I’m glad what @WalleWu posted, he said it in a perfect way I couldn’t


It could be my bad, I’m dyslectic and sometimes my brain likes to change the order of things :sweat_smile:. On that note I would never hate on those who are willing to spend and support the game and it’s development. That would be really stupid since I know game development isn’t exactly free


Join the club, I suffer from dyslexia to!


Uhmm… that’s not exacly my point.

My opinion above is meant to this section:

But I dont get why nerf when they could’ve just left it as is and introduced new stronger heroes that only the OP core group could attain? Maybe nerfing is easier than innovation.

incase if someone still don’t get it from what I really mean is;

releasing a new OP heroes to overcome the others will definitely destroy the game play itself, and the answer for this issue is only two: 1. Nerf the hero or 2. Releasing another OP hero to overcome that hero. Releasing another OP hero to overcome the previous one just make everything worse, that is why nerfing that OP heroes is needed.

And don’t get me wrong, I never against the player who spend some real cash in games… because I’m one of them spenders. Paying hard cold cash never hurt since you got all those benefits… and the joy :wink:


which player could be a consistent and “permanent” source of heronium after the update? Mauler (pvp + campaign)?


No one is permanent, they can all get swapped out from their stores. I still farm Heronium from Maven in the Gauntlet Store.


The heroes that are added to the PvP store last, since they will stay there longest.


Dogface is in the Hard missions Level 4, mandrake happened to be part of your sentence. I took it hard when they removed Pris; “Change is constant and needed to engage the Hero Hunter Population”. -Jlee


yeah, forgot to say I was refering to PvP heroes. Mandrake was my only 10* and now I’m thinking about who to focus on. Maven is still the most reliable source, will get her to 10* in maybe 2 weeks.