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This is a dumb response. I’m hardly a noob at this game. I just want the same opportunity to max out level my roster like those who got on in front of me by a relatively short amount of time. They’ll reap the rewards of hold max team level at 85 as well.


You have this opportunity. When you have played the same amount of time as them you will have your heroes at the same level as they have now.
If you have a head start you always have advantages. Thought this would be common knowledge.


Don’t level beyond your bucks. We get matched against “equal” teams, so leveling heroes without matching the skills is a personal choice and not a game flaw.


So you want your heroes to be the same level as someone that’s played the game much longer and has put much more time into it than you have? In what world would that make sense? All you’re asking for is an unfair advantage over others. They’ve put the work in and you’re asking for a free pass so that you don’t have to put as much work in.


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Seems so. It’s already become easier with decreased gear reqs. Not sure why people let jealousy guide policy.


You are not wrong with that. But as I said before, that leads to 10 maxed out heroes, while all the others are left aside. I do not think that this fits the purpose of the game at all.


When the game actively encourages you to level heroes as much as possible regardless of skill levels, then it IS a game flaw. There is no explanation in-game that makes the consequences clear and it’s an incredibly unintuitive assumption to make that leveling your heroes is actually more likely to hurt you. That is absolutely a game design flaw.


Let us “sell” xp for cash. It could be dual purpose. Less xp available to level heroes up and more cash to level skills.


Not a game flaw. Everyone should be aware that matchmaking is related to team power and that stars, bars, and skills contribute to power ratings. So, the answer then is to make skills be worth far more pts so that it’s less likely to be unevenely matched? Yes, it sucks that not leveling skills gets you rolled.


He didn’t refer to matchmaking, but that the whole purpose of the game is to make your heroes as strong as possible. And if you can not level your heroes because it gives you disadvantages in a game mode, then there is a flaw in the game design.


That makes sense then.


This is a very good point that this person is making…I was under the impression that this is how the change got handled…I mean the 25 player per alliance cap…so in poorglubs words we would like to see the individuals score locked at the alliance they score the first amount of bounty damage in and not be allowed to do bounty damage in any other alliance after that…but with that being said like poorglubs is saying that there are sometimes people out there without an alliance at the beginning of a bounty event…so in conclusion we would like for those people and people that don’t score any damge in their current alliance be able to join the alliance they want to join for bounty…once they do damage in the alliance they joined they are locked to stay in that alliance for the duration of the event


I want more modalities like the challenge mode. I love to fight with restrictions and see that the enemy team wants to test all the heroes, so I can also try more teams, more synergies.


I have nearly 15 people whom are always active for bounties and I absolutly love the general idea of bounties and what your plan on doing. I cant contribute in the bounty events until 4 hours after the release, due to the fact that I dont have my phone on me at work, I also have PvP frenzy players whom would only attack once in the bounty for the rewards. Is there any way you can give the alliances Commanders a way to reserve 10 or 15 spots for dedicated bounty players or make it so all officers and above rankings are guaranteed a spot. It also seems that mainly the top 50 alliances benefits from this idea for better placements, is there any way to put out a contribution market for people to spend their points on goods. This way it’ll encourage lower alliances to contribute more and bring the community together more competatively.


Since you can only have 25 members in you alliance at once, everyone who is in the ally at the start of the bounty can play the bounty, as long as you don’t kick some and take in new.


Thanks idk how but I thought the cap was 50 l, I need my coffee


@Devs: is there going to be a bonified faction for next month? I can’t see a post about it :slight_smile:


It’s stressing me out! Usually the “old” co-op is overlapped with the “new” co-op for a few days. Now there’s only 4 days left of the “old” co-op so no way they have time to:

  1. Hint a new update
  2. Have a hero contest
  3. Push the update
  • before the “old” co-op ends.

I guess they’re changing the patterns we’re used to. I have tender nerves so this makes me anxious.


The anniversary of their global release is in a few days and I doubt there will be a new hero.