January 2019 Update Notes - Available Now!


Ok then, how about 26? I just would like to see an even number. Call it my OCD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What is it about even numbers ?
The normal number member in an alliance is 25, hence 25



Same rewards for level 70 and level 85 Gorgon? Is this on purpose?


I also noticed this… Hopefully not intentional otherwise it’s the biggest HH joke of 2019 so far!


I find the bounty user limit very interesting indeed. As for the 25 members being odd number and not allowing one member to exchange with the alliance, that’s completely wrong. That theory means that everyone in the alliance exchanges missions in pairs, but it’s not our case. In our alliance, it’s more or less like this: or you exchange in pairs or A sends to B, B sends to C and C sends to A. That way, the odd one out is also getting fragments :wink:


Ok so my game keeps freezing up my phone and this is happening to a lot of android users I guess…any word on what the problem may be???


It’s being addressed be the developers right now.


Devs plz fix this … we can’t able to play the new brawl atm…


@BombBella Love the Bounty changes, for the most part.

However, @Papa_Marsh brings up a good point. These limiting changes are for the better, without doubt, but they are somewhat flawed considering someone who hits one bounty right when the event starts (deals maybe 2 million damage), and does not contribute any more damage for the rest of the entire event, will prevent the 25-membered-alliance from replacing a damage non-contributor and they will be at a major disadvantage for the rest of the event.

My ‘open-to-feedback’ suggestion would be to lock out a player from joining an alliance who has either left or been kicked from one whilst the Bounty event is active.
This way, people who are alliance-less at the beginning of the event could still be able to join and contribute to those alliances who had inactive members with very little contributions.
Also, this would mean damage from a player could only be contributed to a single alliance during the event, which I think is a major goal of this change.
This would also cause the player to be very certain that they are in the correct alliance that they want to remain in for the entirety of the Bounty event.


Yeah it happens to me, i’ve tried to clear the cache and even reinstall the game but nothing works.
But the game runs normal now, when i logged in an hour ago.


Just got the new update. Thank you, thank you HH for fixing the bug! Now i can play again!


Just to address the elephant in the room…

Level 85 and still the same cash income as it was with level 60 heroes.
Do you want us to play just 5 heroes? Or to min max/sandbag?


i could definitely do with 4-5 more sectors in gauntlet.

Especially if they add a way to streamline the experience (save teams per sector and such).

I really don’t know how non-vip player make do with only 1 run of gauntlet per day. It’s all well and good until skill level 50 or so. After that skill cost gets prohibitive really fast


Ahem… maybe you might need 50 million bucks right now, perhaps? :wink:

[It still might not take us very far my friend ;)]


Stop spreading nonsense. I never said that I/we do not need cash. I only said that your idea of giving everyone 50 million instantly is stupid.


Uyeah, the challenge itself is to work for your upgrades. If the put out a new level cap and gave everyone the resources to immediately max out the heroes it would be kind of a bad implementation and a totally unnecessary level-cap raise. Some poor pooper would probably go spending all the 50 million on silver crates though. I’m not that one. However I think we must start telling ourselves that we CAN’T max every hero out any longer, under these circumstances. I still haven’t increased my skills above 75. But I’ll start doing that now but only for select heroes. By the time I have a fair team of maxed out level 85;ers I bet the cap is already at 90.


Locking Alliances for events:
- All Alliance members may not leave or get kicked during events.
- After members are able to collect rewards then unlock Alliance.
- Players not in an Alliance may join any Alliance that has open spots, then will be locked as if they
were in Alliance during start of event.
This should result in correcting the above issues as well as preventing players from being kicked.
before recieving rewards.


Could you please not raise the max team level for a while? I was in the process of getting all current 62 of my characters to level 80 (which takes forever due to increased XP need for each subsequent level and the relative availability of character XP from daily solo raids and quick-winning), and now it’s going to take forever to get everyone to 85. I’m team level 81 but these rapid increases only favor those who sat at level 70, 75, and 80 for months all the while banking endless amounts of character XP now available to instantly upgrade every character they have.


Players who the game for longer have an advantage against newbies? What a discovery :scream_cat:


I don’t need every hero maxed out. But with the current match making you can’t play PvP without maxed out skills. Therefore you can only play about 10 different heroes, because you can’t Max out the skills of the others.

This is what happens if you can’t afford to Max out your skills, but the other one did.

Worst is that they are aware of it for month!! And don’t seem to care. It is one of the two biggest problems in the game and can be solved with about 10 minutes of work, by raising the cash reward you get for missions. 2.05k of cash for 13-10. That is about nothing. Raise it to 10k and you would have about 500k cash more a day. That wouldn’t break the cash flow at all and would help alot.