Impossible to get Kunoichi now?

New players have different calendars than us, to “test” different things.

Devs use to give new players some help, like more gold, better offers or outright better rewards. In your case they are testing different daily calendars, while other players have experienced different gear recipes (making it easier to upgrade heroes)

I personally find this unfair, since I wasn’t given any of these advantages when I started, but I guess it helps new players to push for higher levels on early game.

Answering your question, even if you don’t get our calendar for sometime, you can buy her frags sometimes on the alliance store. Since you only need 10 to unlock her, you could unlock her in the first week after joining an alliance, if lucky.

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I was offered a great Steele crate when I was new!
And awesome Tapjoy offers. Maybe these new players are getting the same depressing Tapjoy offers as the ones we’ve seen lately…


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Ouh… no Kuno… I sad…


For real…

I hate my calendar…

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If this is no fake, I´m pissed. That is just not fair.

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Not fake… btw the one with vip tag can only be obtain if Im a VIP?

It doubles if you have the VIP level noted. So yes you can obtain it.

You can still earn the rewards without vip, but the reward will be doubled if you have that vip level.

On a side note, it’s interesting how the game gives strong boost for late players.


@NyrisWintersteel, besides the 75% reduction in crafting gear cost


@Kraterios I’m salty right now lol

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I get it. We had a lot more time to stockpile resources and rewards . And games always have gifts for new players.

But 25% crafting requirements AND massive rewards is really unfair. Reducing the advantage Veteran players have, by making their hard work useless is kinda frustrating.

In the time I get a hero to gold, new players can get up to 4. And since they also get lots of stamina out of nowhere, they may be able to get up to 6.

Makes me feel bad, to be honest


This isn’t fair HHG.

Why are there honestly so many reasons to leave and so few to stay? Recently, there are just so few good things happening and so much crap going on, it is kinda sad. Disheartened and discouraged is how I would describe my current situation.

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I posted that we all got worse rewards from the calendar the day the update came out, but to see others get rewards 100x better then even the previous one is just absurd.

Right now my vip 10 gives me every 2 weeks some crappy double hero xp and double 70k~ bucks, no more good frags we always got the first 2 weeks.

The answer was that it would help people who don’t log in every day to get better rewards, but instead of rewarding loyal players that also spend in this game, players who barely play and of course don’t spend money get rewarded.

I don’t see the logic in rewarding people that don’t even login every day, this isn’t fair to the loyal players who have supported this game with money, or to the betas who played for almost 2 years to improve the quality of the game.

I really don’t understand this, I get it that new players needs to be attracted to keep the revenue coming, but not at the cost of the rest of the players to reduce their rewards with at least 75%


Agreed 100%.

Really, this situation is crazy.

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Wow we have a socialist game haha

I have now Flatline in my daily calendar. :slight_smile:

Me too. Do I get 60 frags at day 10 since I already own her?

I guess we’re not getting that many frags! But I love seeing a 3* hero in the calendar.

We should. As if you got her in a hero crate.

I think part of this can be contributed to what players who are level 70 are able to achieve awards wise. PvP tournaments, Bounty events, an certain events yield a lot more resources even at the same rank then say someone who started today or is only level 30.

For PvP events, Champion tier gets 350 gold compared to 50 of rookie or 150 for competitor for getting to division 1 and that’s only for one event. In fact, players are not even able to win skin tokens from pvp events until at least level 42.

Also, I think this goes without saying, but the stronger you are as a players, the more likely you are to be in a stronger alliance. Someone with 200k power and has been around for a few months is a whole lot more likely to be in a top 50 alliance then someone at 30k power. These rewards start to stack up over time, same withe pvp and blitz events.

I’m not saying that these calendars are perfect the way they are, I just think that veteran players have a bunch more opportunity to get resources/earn gold then newers players, hence the boost at the start.
(Also side note, there was threads a few months ago for criticizing the devs for being to bias towards veteran players and making the gap between newer and older players bigger. So I guess they listened and now everyone has a problem with it.)

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