Hothead, I have many questions regarding your design philosophy


… but whatever you guys are doing to the girls, keep going.


For hhg, booty over booby always :wink:


Suspicious lack of Galante appreciation in this thread.


Galante is a false god. Haven’t you seen those ravings of a madman? The synthetic terror must never realize its full potential, and all who receive his physical form must ensure it remains Green!

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We’ll see about that.

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Briar’s body proportions are just downright hideous. Unless they were going for a Heronium-tainted body with a monstrous improportionate lower body, they’ve failed.




fool, how dare you speak ill of our glorious god Galante?


To me, Cinder and Artemis are the ones with the perfect curves. HH, appreciation to ur design team

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Cinder, Pris, and Artemis.


Well, each to his own. As an old saying here goes " Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."
P.S. No Bucket,Kobold and Phalanx?
P.S.S. My top 3 girls are Cinder (hope she gets a new skin btw), Halo and Nightingale
P.S.S.S. Operator is a girl?!?:astonished:


I like all of those girls in the pictures, especially the last one :wink:

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Briar’s body reminds me of this. Her neck is also inhumanely long.

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You might not like it, but that’s what peak performance looks like.


#LittleBootiesMatter #LongNecksMatter :rofl:


Halo is outright perfect. I love Fran and Flat also


yeah, brains + beauty is a good combo

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A new challenger approaches…


She’s literally Red Maven - even has the same amount of butt.


For a moment there I thought that giant gun was part of her arsenal haha. Me thinks it would be awesome to have a character control gun turrets but that would be a pain to render for users with weak connections.