You didn’t REALLY think that was going to stop me?....did you?

A user experience should be seamless. There should be no punishment for natural things. Having varying powers of characters is to be expected in this game, so why should playing that way be punished.

Think of this scenario. A new player has 12 characters. Two are 5 stars, most are 3 and 4 stars. The player gets lucky and pulls a prophet in a hero crate. So what? Screw that new guy, he cant play prophet in PvP until he has at least 4 other 6 stars? That would make a lot of players quit early on. I got fed a 5 star Phoenix when I only had 3 and 2 star characters. If your solution does not solve this situation, it is not viable fo HHG to implement.

If you say Kraterios solution is not a solution. Than pray tell what solutions or suggestions do you have ?

By keeping this game playable and the lack of toxicity from min/max abusers will keep this game alive than a slow death … which will be your preference?

I’ve always liked the idea of adjusting the matchmaking algorithm to use a different metric than raw power. We all know that , for example, mandrake and flatline are worth at least 2k power more than raw power would suggest, so just add that to their matchmaking power. In addition, deduct all power from skill levels. For team power beyond the sum of hero powers, double the value of the highest power hero. To me that takes care of the biggest issues.

As per my solution above. If your stronger characters get nerfed to the power of your weakest. So 10* will become 6* if you include a 6* in your party, a plat would turn gold if you have a gold in your party.

You cant just think of these solutions from the standing of a level 70 with 50 heros. If you foster the higher levels at the expense of the new ones, no new revenue sources come and the game dries up and gets abandoned. If you cant find a solution that let’s the new player above play PvP with their 7* prophet legally, your solution is unviable to this game and harmful to HHG. Even if it helps your experience.

I’m no min maxer. I don’t even play PvP that often because I refuse to follow the meta so I get slaughtered. My panzer is silver no bars, 4*. My dogface is is gold no bar 5*. Flatline 3* silver. I just platted my 6* Phoenix and my favorite character is Hivemind whic is plat 7*. I focus on characters I like.

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Chances that someone will draw a prophet is really low, but ok that’s not the point.

And your idea is kinda weird, that means every hero becomes as bad as your lowest, so let’s say you put in 4x 10* and a 8* all hero’s would be 8*, you would solve this the same with metal color I guess? So 4x a platinum hero becomes a gold one?

Exactly. There can be some leeway, like a plat paired with 4 gold no bars becomes a gold 2 bar. And a 10 star with a bunch of 8 stars could become a 9 star. But this would allow people to play all their heros without allowing for crazy min maxing.

So in other words upgrading hero’s is useless this way…

If you upgrade one hero specifically for PvP well above other characters. Yes. If you upgrade a balanced team around the same stars and rank, you can still use it. And you can use all characters together at a penalty. This would force people to spread out upgrades, which is a negative, but I feel a healthy one.

Better then upgrading a character to 10* and not being able to use it at all until you get similar star characters.

I disagree with you @miclowgunman I have 58 Heroes 9 which is 10 star, 49 which is from 9 star down to 5 star, 20 which is Platinium, 15 which is Gold and the rest is Silver. I would love all 58 to be 10 star plat, but that will take a couple of years. To make a good team with your setup would be impossible, even more impossible with all the changes done to Heroes done in the updates. E.G. My 10 star plat Gammon is now totally useless, while he used to be fairly good. If I’m able to make 1 good team for a period, that leaves me with 53 other heroes which I can not use in PvP or Tournaments, I can use them but I would have no chance of winning whatsoever so why bother, that would totally ruin the game after I’ve lost the lives from my A-team.

Why would it make them unplayable? People play and win with lower star and rank and win all the time. Your A team is most likely all plat 10 or 9 star. So they would play normal with no real nerf unless stars were drastically off. After their lives are gone you would get down to your less balanced teams that you have put less time and effort into. Then the balancing would hit, and some work you put in would get nulled because you are picking less consistent leveled heroes for your B and C teams. But those teams should also be close unless you are intentionally min maxing them. This method would actually let you play all the way though your silver and bronze in PvP and be balanced enough to play against others, if you play that long.

I guess I’m not seeing in your example where my set up harms your current position. You have 9 10 stars and a few 9 star. That is two teams of high ranked heroes untouched by balancing. If you try to run a new hero that is 4 star, they will all get nerfed, but you wont be min maxing…help me understand where you are getting punked.

The time and effort made by making Heroes Higher star or from Silver to Plat would be worthless, your idea would benefit the ones not building their heroes and then the point of the game with progressing would be gone.

I like a game which is competitive and where the best player wins, not some random game where effort and skill don’t matter. I’ve played more than 20.000 PvP games and won tournaments on Champion level, I would not have done that nor played this game if it was by chance or like playing Ludo.


Ok, so add some wiggle room. How far off are your A team characters? I suspect not much. Maybe a few bars and a few stars? This plan can be adjusted and doesn’t have to be absolute. There is a sweet spot in there that needs to be calculated. But allowing a two bar plat with 4 gold no bars is not viable and killing PVP. My solution stops that. Add enough wiggle to let people like you not feel the burn until your C and D teams and I think it is well implemented. But if your A team is so wildly off that it gets dinged, your either min maxing to win or your new to the game. Or HHG implemented this strategy wrong and too heavy handed.

My A-Team is pretty balanced, all being platinum and 9-10 stars, so that’s not an issue. When a new Hero will be introduced I could not basically use him until Plat 9 star, that is around 1500 fragments and a lot of work upgrading skills.

I think this topic is to reduce the min/max player using an extreme difference between Heroes, or Heroes that or build strategically like a 10 star bronze Hero, or 6 star platinum hero with only 1 of the 4 skills maxed, or heroes at lvl45 when the character is at lvl70. My goal at least is not to limit the use of heroes you have, just limit the unbalanced use of them.

I get that that would be an issue. And my solution has that as a hole.

Serious question. Do you really run a 5 or six star gold new character with your 10* plats? It seems like at your level a new character already wont be viable to play with competitively until it is plat and 7 stars. Unless the new character is wildly ubalanced…which we’ve seen, but most agree is unhealthy.

I would like try try a new Hero as fast as I could, and I expect new Heroes will be good or else no one would buy them, then again I got a fair set of frags saved so I can build and use them fast.

And if you buy it in the heronium store you can collect 600 frags in 10 days for that hero

Just read in game, that the devs banned Majik for this post. Seems like a little unfair when he provides many good points to his post, and provided reasonable fixes. From what I’ve seens from the top players, it looks like this game is centered around filling their pockets.

Well his profile says he was banned for ban evasion, and the 2.0 makes it seem like it was his 2nd account. Was he banned for something else and then this account banned for making a second, proven by his screen shot? No clue just guessing.

He got into a fight with some guys the other day

What about just penalizing people hard who use lower stars and ranks? Make a system with a fixed penalization. They sort of do it when you run less than 5 heroes, you get penalized HARD for that, but not when you run a full 5 man team and min/max.

For example a 1k power penalty if there is a star difference, and 1k for every bar difference. Make it scale. So for example Jeff uses a 10* plat Panzer with a bunch of 5 and 6 star silver heroes. He would get penalized 5k points just from the star difference between Panzer and Frencoise, then another 2k for the rank difference. That’s 7k right there. Then add another 6k for the difference with Operator, 4k for Heimlock, and 3k for Ifrit. Jeff would now be facing a team 20k points higher than himself.

Majik isn’t min/maxing so he would only have 3k power added for the difference between his 8 and 7* heroes, and then 2k for the rank difference of Gale and Panzer. His penalty would only be 5k. Average out the difference and Jeff would only face Majik if Jeff was 40k and Majik was 55k. Make skills not add to power and make heroes power more standardized (Night not way below others, for example) and I think things would be in a much better place.

Of course things would need to be fine tuned. Maybe rank difference is a 2k penalty instead of 1k, or each bar is 500 points. I think this would help though because you are penalized more the more you have a disparity in hero power. Meanwhile legitimate players who just havn’t been able to level certain heroes up as fast as others are only marginally penalized.