Whats the Backstory behind your name?


Nailed it :no_mouth:


Muninn is a bird. I like birds.


I really like the movie Hackers, and needed a handle to use in games lol.
Iā€™m not super creative when it comes to names I guess hahah :man_shrugging:




I just assumed you ruled over cameras or something.


I love Norse mythology. Did you and @Huginn come up with your names together?


They are siblings :scream:


My name is because of a song, plus Iā€™m really pale and everyone calls me a ghost haha :smile: :ghost:


I use to play a game called Battle Bay. The Fixer was my favorite ship and it was green. Hence The Green Goblin.


We all float down here!


Bro I freakin LOVED Battle Bay! I used to play it all the time!