Whats the Backstory behind your name?


Used Greedy for at least over 15 years, more likely 20. As my first choice, Green_dragon, was taken it became Greedy_dragon, and as time went on the dragon part got dropped along the way many years ago.
A Green_dragon was the first tattoo I got, hence the alias.


“Jonas den Store” - Swedish for Jonas the Great (or large). Being a rather common name in Sweden, it originally was a means of distinguishing myself from a smaller/younger namesake at work.


Invader Zim. favorite character on there and it was the simplest one i could think of that was short in length. Of course most places now tend to have a higher increase in a name, but i have been able to choose other names (based on words or anime characters i like).

As for what does it mean? well, nobody knows.


I think I found it lol


“Omnipotent” was the highest badge rank in Spore, a game I spent a disgusting amount of my early teen years playing. https://spore.fandom.com/wiki/Master_Badge


Wow, I tried to conquer the Galaxy myself, first I started a nice trading alliance, to end it with a full out galactic war


Also, when put into Google translate it comes out as ‘Mystical or mysterious Winter’ Either way, I like the imagery!


I pretty much lurk in forums.


My name is based off the fact that I am a huge fan of gaming and that my sibling was also a gamer, so we were known as the “Gamer Bros”. I later changed it to “Gamerbroz”. I was trying to think of a number to add to the end of “Gamerbroz”, and “47” just seemed to go well with it. Although my sibling passed away, I continue to go by the name “Gamerbroz47” to honor my sibling.


Im an avid card magician. I love doing tricks for all sorts of crowds, whether it be street or stage magic. I’m also an X-Men fan. When I found a character that uses playing cards as a weapon, bam. Gambit became my new go to username.


Gambit destroyed Marvel Puzzle Quest. I will never forgive him.


Lol well plz don’t hate me just cause I used his name :joy:


Sorry! My PTSD kicked in. :slight_smile:


Random name generator about 8 years ago.
Use it for every game I play now.


Madchen means “girl or little girl” in German and Marie is my middle name.
Combine the two and you get MadchenMarie.


Hypernikomen is Greek. It means more than a conqueror. Learned it in the book of Romans.


Very interesting topic and interesting what people are explaining. Mine is TrumpPolicy and i been using in all my PVP games. First it was DatrumpPolicy. My only two Reasons for the name is simple. I agree with President Trump policy’s and I know lots of people hate Trump. Like to see how many people would react to the name even though I don’t respond to their reaction.


You must be fun at parties


I changed the order of the sylables in my name


Hello Matias. :slight_smile: (Added a creepy smiley because had to type 20 characters)