Well Kurtz offers confidence to the weak


for a company that nerfs ronin for being too OP right as they release Kurtz to the rich is being too obvious… like they just discovered ronin was OP, there’s been hundreds of threads for half a year with 8 updates and they ironicinally JUST realized he is OP! either they are lying to us or they are really really slow. If you’re gonna hand out kurtz you need to hand out a way to beat him, cuz the only reason to allow the current circumstances is give the whales that spend hundreds a week/month and suck at pvp a way to win in pvp. cuz who wants to spend thousands, 5 figures (4800$ for vip15 and these people hit vip 15 the first month they started), and yet they go to pvp and people wipe the floor with them and didn’t spend a dime to do it. they just grinded for specific meta heroes and are fast mentally, but now those people get shafted by the whales lol. the one great part about the game is over. they went from putting their thumb on the scale to sitting on damn thing lol. ugh i can dream of a fair game, in this ethically bankrupt business world we might never see a game stay true to the gameplay. it’s like alcohol, 95% of the profits come from 5% of the customers. they know their target market and where the money comes from, and who cares who gets screwed in the way as long as that business plan stays sound. granted mobile games is a hard stretch to alcohol, it’s not a far stretch from gambling. and this is gambling, for any age. anyway i just keep losing to people in pvp that have kurtz and i’m frustrated. i’m gonna go ahead and give in and spend 400$ to maybe come out with another 40 kurtz frags from this crate. 10$ a frag doesn’t seem irrational, my girlfriend will just have to skip the grocery store this week cuz… who needs food anyway??

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You were close to making some valid points, but this reads more like a rant than anything. No content here. Closing.

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