Wave 50 in Min's Bedroom Simulator is targeted harassment against me by Hothead


So, like, how could you, Hothead?


How’s that harassment? I think Gallante is placed there cause he’s freaking hard to kill if you don’t focus on him


Don’t forget, Matador has a annoying group heal. The Gorgon is also annoying to deal with so yea this is harassment



I just don’t like Gallante and I have made it very apparent in previous posts.

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It is the last wave. It is supposed to be tricky.


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-------------------> The joke
Your head


A, Francoise, Butter, Dogface, Matador and Flatline huh. I used Odachi, Cinder,Matador, Cross and Keel. Took me three tries, but was satisfied once I succeeded.


Only first Simulator was a challenge. Current one and previous one make a decent difficulty only after 100th wave, lol.

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Wave 1-50 = Mauler/Ronin/Cain/Flatline/Mandrake