War needs a break

This is the most valid reason for not feeling “able” to take breaks, imo. The alliance I used to be in felt that they couldn’t take a break because of the newer members we would recruit. Those newer members had a fire that some of the officers didn’t have anymore. The officers wanted for the alliance to take a war or two off, but felt it wouldn’t be fair to the newer members we took in since they wanted to prove themselves.

Ultimately, it boils down to doing what you need to do to continue having fun. For me, that was moving to a lower ranked alliance until I feel like getting competitive again. If you feel like you can’t take a break in some way, the burn out will become real, real fast.

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I agree. War needs a change of pace. It’s timing with bounty and patrol crate has caused me personally to suffer from missing rewards. This is due to players at lower level that are friends actually wanting to play war. I mean able to attack klg sectors and have fun playing a war game. Because of top power if I play with them it ruins war for them and puts all the burden on me to get them across sectors to enemy. So I leave before rosters and return to help with bounty and patrols. Now I’m just sharing my experience and of course these are my choices.

War itself, and the timing with bounty and patrol crate has also affected alliance loyalty and general player commodary, resulting in spies just for war and other things. It’s very difficult to start an alliance as well, again with timing being the issue. A longer break between wars would help, maybe.

I would really enjoy just being in a bounty alliance and having fun competing together in an event instead of making enemies in war.

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For me, my answer to this, is;
I don’t like to sit out on events, because it’s an element of a game I enjoy playing.

Sitting one out isn’t an option for a top alliance, we have some players that do all the work to make sure we succeed and some that do none. We can’t swap out those players who do all the work as they are the normal players to contact for truces etc. I saw it in my last alliance when the war organiser takes a break it usually ends in worse scores and truces being broken etc, it causes in fighting. War is fun and don’t get me wrong I love it but I know a lot of our players are feeling burned out by how much needs to be done to stay at the top. They won’t stop because that’s the expectation of them, we all play our part. Sitting a season out isn’t an option especially with the new hero, getting a low rank isn’t an option as other alliances begin to question what is wrong. When the top war alliances give up then that shows something is wrong, it’s fun and should continue but shouldn’t make players not want to continue.

I know for a fact having different types of wars or even a break would make our players feel better, the problem is doing the same thing every week that causes burnout. Grinding to level up is normal but the amount of time and work it takes some of our war organisers is insane, being at the top isn’t easy and it doesn’t come naturally, it takes time to learn and alliances need to know who you are. Taking a break destroys all that hard work.


Thanks for focusing on what you’re feeling, and not on a prescriptive solution. This is valuable feedback, and I’ll present it to the team as always.


It would be great to off set war between bounty weekends. So war twice a month and bounty twice a month. I have spoken to many war coordinators that have stepped down and or quitting. We place in the tops every season. We get so many request to join because their tired of their alliance doing nothing or only having half memebers taking war serious. Their probably only 15 to 20 alliances that have full memebrs on board for war. The majority dread war


The biggest problem I see with the break suggestion is that not everyone would want it. Some people are war-focused, and aren’t planning to take a break soon.

If the exhaustion is individual, perhaps having the choice to participate in wars be an individual choice (being able to accept or decline your participation in your alliance’s war).

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Wow G. This was well thought out. I like it. You should start a petition for this. I’d support you 100% w/ all the thorough & valid points you have made.

If you need to take a break from war then your alliance Should maybe make a second alliance that’s maybe not war focused. Just a thought.

Just need to ask the people who need less than 20 Kurtz frags what the impact of “taking a break” is. If you’re not constantly switched on and pushing then you get left behind, simple as that.


when it comes to average joe alliances like mine, we can participate and try our best. but we end up walking away with Hideo frags and whatever else they got. At least saw Kurtz as a result of ours maybe 1 or 2 times. but for us to compete against the big dogs who would end up bombarding the crap out of us because they decided to team up left us with bad rewards.

i kinda dread it cause even my best guys wasnt enough. but i know the end result will be more hideo and the hero will be long ways from unlock.

I dont know what rank my alliance is. I know we just finished first in the last war and rank in the top 3 every war. I really enjoy the war and like the strategy of it. I know I have players that are exhausted and I have players leave here and there after the war needing a break. Many felt shorted when kurtz was pulled suddenly with players needing one or 2 more wars to unlock him.

I’ll say this, when I was commander from war 1-9 we grinded to get kurtz and when we got him everyone quit trying. I shut down my allaince and now I’m just a regular member on a top 20 alliance now and I’m happier playing now than I did when I was in command. Maybe find a good group when you don’t have to bust your butt like I did and maybe you’ll be happier like me.


[CLTCH] Realclutchgamers is the best thing I ever created.

Half the problem is what people have touched on already, getting rolled by top tier alliances. The matchmaking system makes for a poor experience when your a 50-100 alliance and getting war after war with top 1-20 alliances, sometimes with 2 or more in the same war. You never stand a chance and makes the whole experience not very fun to participate in. Alliances should be placed in brackets depending on last war score and you fight people in your bracket for next war.


It sounds like you and your alliance should take a break. Have you considered that maybe dominating for so long is the problem. Step down and let others step up. It sounds like because you’re tired you think HH should rest too… I don’t think I’ve read this wrong, but I’m glad you have expressed your opinion.

I want AW to continue, I like the rewards. I’m sure there are other non-dominating alliances that would appreciate the chance to claim the top prize. Share the wealth. It would be really disappointing to learn that HH stopped AW because the people that win all of the time wanted a break. I’d go as far as to say… that would be a cause for uninstalling.

Thanks for reading, I go by the same name in-game. Look me up if you’re unhappy with what I’ve said.

Good hunting people💪

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Probably fear of missing out. Rewards are a major factor.


Hi all! I am okay with weekly wars… the rewards too… my suggestion is this; can we start war on a Thursday? Getting people to commit to reset and start is an issue for me. I would also be okay with alternating war and bounty so they are both on the weekend…

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The thing that I am seeing most by the interaction on this post is war needs some changes @Muninn of course I can’t demand as that’s not fair and can only give feedback, but from what people are saying there is a clear reason why we can’t just “miss a war” or a season, there seems to also be players wanting different times for war to start and a simple solution would be having more breaks, was is fun and I love it, it’s what has kept be growing into the 1.4m+ range, I love growing a crew and having fun with other players. It’s brought about new interactions with players that never would have happened. But the frequency may be just too much for players, mobile games are different from normal PC games as the player base doesn’t sit down to play HH for a few hours, they play it in their free time which means less time is required for some events. War can take hours ever Monday setting up truces and organising where to put bonuses etc. It can be tiring, there is no need to do it but players often won’t back out as their own reputation and the idea that they CAN do it is what makes them, HH can be addicting and it’s hard to stop top players from playing at the top. My only suggestion is reducing the need to emphasise this addicting behaviour by giving them a break, 12 seasons a year it a lot, 6 would be more than enough for a year, with bounty every 2 weeks and PVP in between there can be too much for players like myself to do it all. I understand the idea that you don’t HAVE to do everything but being in a top alliance and getting the top rewards is addicting and harsh. Look at how many players burned themselves out by being at the top of PVP every event, war is no different just on an alliance size scale. I hope this feedback and the interaction on this thread alone helps you guys to mediate wars in future, I want nothing but the best for the game and to help it grow! :white_heart:


Personally id like to see it back on weekends and throw it every other weekend. Bounty one weekend and AW on the next. Make a season 2 months long and best 3 out of 4 wars. The problem now is you have many adults that are busy working during the week. We are the ones that spend money. Also the way the formats line up leaves no replacement time. Lose a player in bounty. Lose that player in AW too for the week and in vise versa. So now these 2 major formats are connected in more then one way. I think that by separating the formats to each weekend will allow more time for preparation and less fatigue in AW.
Also feel there should be AW frags in every place. 1-6. Everyone gets frags but the better the rank you get the better the amount. The betrayal to get top 3 is getting out of hand. Work hard all war for a ally to betray you for top 3. This will reduce alliances breaking pacts and will make AW a better experience. :slight_smile: