War Eligibility 15 Member Requirement Lifted

I want to play the game without worrying about the recruiting, the winning will do the recruiting for me instead of constantly having to talk to people I don’t care about in or outside the game.


Lol hard truth(20 letter thing)

That is what I’m trying to imply. The 5 man alliance would be at a disadvantage.

Lmao I sorry what? Just because you can’t find good members don’t blame me because you can’t keep people in your alliance I’ve only been in 4 alliances in over 900 days can’t say that I’m a “hopper”. Maybe not be so toxic and people will stay. I also ran a top 20 war team for well over a year and rarely had anyone leave. Can you say the same?


The hard reality is that even winning will not keep players in your alliance. Consider the possibility that you might be too overlording over your more dependable alliance members, since they are passionate about the game.

Players come and players go because this is a time-passing mobile game. You have to adapt to a shifting roster as it comes, like a sports team after each season.


Just want to place a reminder to the Forum rules:

It sounds like you may need a new Alliance, or new members. We have an #general-discussion:alliance-recruitment channel on the forum if you want to advertise your alliance, and I believe the Community discord has a channel like that as well.


Dude… I really like Your attitude… I am simply asking you if u want to stay and play as a commander then, its great & I respect that…or u can join my ally… We don’t truce… We just show our beast mode… If someone ask for help then,we just stop attacking on them but,always ready to take them down if they wanna fight… & for other events,we’re also very good on them… I know the reply already & its really awkward to msg these kinda stuff here (like recruiting here :sweat_smile:) I am sorry devs for this… But,I really like the attitude that guy has…
If u wanna talk & want to know some more things about us then,ask in vip about most trash alliance or just search wpip & u’ll get me.

Have a great day dio.you are a straight gun. Never change this.

U r competitive as u r replying everyone & don’t trying to give up for ur issue… Thats awesome & very rare these days… I support u for no reasons (but, I don’t support ur posts on changing those rules :joy::sweat_smile:)

Your task as a commander is to motivate your members and have them active for each event, being a commander implies extra work, look for people who are committed and who work as a team under the rules that have in your alliance. With an alliance of 15 members you will have the same problems if you don’t act as a leader. good luck…jaz out😏


Skathi, we have been in plenty of other alliances if you read the original post you would see why your lazy answer doesn’t work for us. I spent over $6k to support you guys and continue to pay $100 a month at the very least, be respectful please. All the good ones to achieve the rewards we need to stay competitive are toxic environments filled with bullies and we want a chance to build something different with or without other people. This change will make the game better for a lot of OUR players that do not participate in forums. I need you to tell me why it is a bad idea or wont work. If you and the developers paid more attention to cause and affect this proposal would have been implemented from the start and would have never even been an issue to the trolls on this post who want to see me fail and unhappy with the game due to personal dislike. Keep in mind, they don’t like me because I challenge their “authority” it has nothing to do with this great idea. I am willing to debate negative and positive cause and affect of the implemented change, not argue on why I should submit to other players joining their alliances who are jerks or with leadership that doesn’t care or is too abrasive and unnecessarily demanding. This change will create a play style that everyone will enjoy and eliminate all the animosity among each other especially in war, I know it and I can promise that. We will see other alliances compete with out discord notifications going off while we are at work making the money we need to pay you guys for the game and it will be more enjoyable and competitive, finally.

I can see where you are coming from but honestly having at least 15 members isn’t hard to get so just relax and keep recruiting.

If they give you a response you do not like then I am sorry for that and I am sorry for anyone here who might have hurt your feelings. Bottom line is you will have to deal with it the best you can and venting anymore going forward is just a waste of time.

For me I rather stop opting in for war anyway it really does get annoying when you have players that don’t care and full of excuses. I might kick half my team and just go to a lower bracket and win all the wars myself lol.


The irony that you just told the devs to be respectful when asking you to follow the forum rules? big oof you talk about not being able to keep members… maybe you should look at your own level of toxicity and reflect, I can see from these few posts the type of entitled person you are and I can see exactly why members don’t want to stay with you :man_shrugging:


Another former alliance member. What I mean by respect is furthering the discussion on the proposed change to enhance the game not come up with an answer that has already been addressed and does not work. The key is we don’t need the pressure of recruiting, my two proposals fix that. Recruiting will always be the least enjoyable part of the game lets eliminate the need for the constant spamming and waste of time.

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‘Former alliance member’ Ah yes I remember you now, I gave you the commander position of a 30m alliance because you said you wanted to lead. We had people come on every reset, had people complete and rank in bounty… I remember exactly what happened when you took some criticism and someone didn’t agree with your choice in war. You rage quit and blocked me lmao. If you are finding the game too taxing, of which I can clearly see you still do. Then maybe you should consider either taking a break from the game or just stay in a small alliance with no minimums, there are plenty of them around, take MIA24 for example. Wonderful people, 1b bounty minimum and you don’t need to be on for reset in war.


Again another irrelevant comment. The highlight system is there for a reason, your troops did not follow it, I left. Now, my proposed change enhances the game because it creates a system that rewards individual effort instead of mooching off alliance members. That is why it is a good idea. You have yet to provide any evidence on why it is not.

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I think it’s good how it is. Maybe new war maps. But the 15/25 player minimum and 10k each player is great.


Alliance events are not individual, they are for alliances and people who work together. That is the whole point in being in an alliance, if you can’t find people to join you then you must be doing something very very wrong, and judging by the way you are responding and acting on this thread I can see why. Just because you think something is a great idea, doesn’t mean it is.


@Jazmin007 hit the nail on the head. Leadership is not just telling people what to do and expecting them to follow every word to a ’T’ without question or comment. That’s overbearing micromanagement, and that drives away all players. If you’re having problems keeping players, the issue might be you not working with them with a gracious and understanding demeanor.

Thoughtful Inflection never hurt anyone, so before jumping to a conclusion about changing a game mechanic, see if your interactions with players are the things which need to improve first. Finding 14 solid guys to work with isn’t hard if you’re easy to work with.


“We don’t need the pressure of recruiting”. I found you in VIP and you are an alliance leader. I wasn’t sure at first, but now that I know, I can tell you this: being an alliance leader and NOT wanting the pressure of recruiting is ridiculous. You COULD have others handle it for you, but it should still matter to you who you recruit. Recruiting is essential for any alliance. Simply existing usually isn’t enough; you have to actually put yourself out there, much like when you’re looking for a job or growing a business.


Again irrelevant to the proposed change. The problem was not questioning it, it was whining and complaining (without a solution kind of what most of you are doing now) or completely ignoring the guidance set forth jeopardizing the entire teams rewards.

I have a presentation to do soon, can I use you as a projector?