Vip chat, or just chat


This had nothing to do with PvP


I don’t think he means PvP specifically, but rather any competitive game in which you’re playing against other people. Which, in his defense, is generally true.


True, my bad, but some stuff is just not okay.

Not talking about jokes, or some healthy trash talk, I can laugh about that to.

I’m already happy all big alliances talk in a normal way, VIP is a lot better that way.


I’ve taken your screenshots and submitted a chat report through the usual channels. Best to do this through support, but thanks for bringing this to my attention. We’re investigating those users.


Thanks @Muninn, really appreciated, I get a lot of messages from starters to help them with small things like PvP teams or how to do certain events/missions, I feel bad sometimes for them when I see such a hostile environment


Report to Player Support, and we’ll investigate and we’ll do what we can!

Important for everyone to note: if you “bait” people into saying terrible things, or otherwise aggravate a situation, you’re just as culpable, so keep that in mind!


i stay away from VIP chat cause a lot of the people that talk there are just toxic idiots.

an alliance recruitment would be nice. My alliance has been looking for several peeps, but the ones ive posted (here and on discord) seem to have been ignored.


I want a split chat for that, recruiting should be out of VIP, I’d like a vip 0 to show what the player can do.

Carry is a next spam that should be removed from VIP.

To reduce the spam, this will help everyone of us.

And everyone means recruiting, carry, want a nice VIP, ask for questions, random fun chat, anything.

We can do this!


I’ve noticed weemick got a permanent chat ban.

If this is because if those screenshots it’s totally out of context.

The way he spoke he deserved a 1 hour mute at most, not because I disagree, just the language used, he was joking.

This really shows that we need a simple function to report someone, if that player gets a lot of reports mute the player for a certain amount of time, if this continues, stack the amount of time.

I don’t like permanent bans, we all have a bad day sometimes.

But the amount of work we need to put in to show the game when someone is crossing a line is to much.

Give us a simple report function when we tap a players name, it will help everyone.

Also, only give permanent chat bans to people who get a lot of reports, not just 1 fallout, sometimes people ask for a toxic response, that’s not the way to respond, I know, but I need to hold myself back a lot of times when people ask for it.

To get the community better, a simple warning would help, and I think 80% of us can help with that


I had a bad VIP moment myself last hour, just to be honest.


Community voted short chat bans, we need it to keep people interested.

We’re losing top players thanks to vip chat


In just about every game I’ve played VIP chat is always full of trolls. These people usually have no life outside of the game. Or they are teenagers and they are trying to feel cool. I rarely spend any time in VIP. Many of my alliance members are not just friends but they are family to me. I’d rather talk with them. All I do in VIP is recruitment. Having a separate channel for recruitment only would be awesome. I love that idea. Short chat ban’s is also a terrific idea. Though people do get offended quite easily, no one should have to deal with a troll .