Upcoming Draft Brawls and PvP Store Updates


So why must Matador be removed? Why isn’t Steele added instead.

Why not improve the very limited store and fill it with heroes such as all the heroes.
Roll in new heroes after the current hero spotlight has ended.

In addition, you could revamp the store so that we can cycle through and sort heroes simply by element like Bio, mech or energy.

On top of that we could also cycle through heroes and sort by faction how about that. Just so we know where we stand as we align our goals Just for starters to get us interested in navigation of the PvP store, it could be utilized so much more.

I would apply the same for equipment among the other stores to make things more viable to collect.

Later of course I would add a query to search heroes that fit a criteria such as tanker, Dps, Healer, Shielder, invisibility to help make quick decisions of what you want to spend gems on.

Of course the same with bronze silver gold & platinum equipment then stars knives gloves shoulder pads etc…

But for starters just a revamp is needed to align the stores for improvement with the current changes of heroes, equipment, or even skins, or whatever else will improve the stores.

-Imagine a sale ticket on a profile indicating that a hero bundle for that hero is currently on sale whether it’s viewed in a faction , an element or sorted in the landing page of heroes A-Z.

The stores are still the same as they rolled out and are in need of updated options for us to spend on.


I wouldnt mind takeing a other hero if I can ban one or two because rhey can take a chance if I dont go against a panzer that shoots him/her death in 10seconds
So for me bans are fine if they come I would really like playing pvp
And maybe they should make an option to ban them before you go in a match(a match like normal pvp)
Let say you ban panzer and ryker then the matchmaking finds an opponent without the 2 heros in the enemy team but also the heros you ban cant be on your team


My idea for draft mode is random draft. Each player will get 5 random hero per pick. Should be fun


What a shame and I was about to 10 star my matador =D

Why do we insist on “changing” when you can guys just add right? Hahaha shame.


No. I’d just find a different hero to fill that role.


It would be so sweet!! Like a part in Pokémon game I don’t how it’s said in English


Shat really needs addressed is the daily login…how many months are we going to continue to see Kunoichi and Sentry! At least with the old 30 day rotation it changes every 30 days. We’ve seen the same 2 heroes for 2 months now, and I have had the same 10 day rotation at least 2, if not 3, consecutive refreshes. Kind of ridiculous imo.


We want a possibility to get heronium to catch up to the top players, no give us different rewards, no don’t remove my farm, no give me more free stuff, why do you remove this? No I want other hero’s, give me a free prophet!!

This is how most people sound to me right now, but to respond to your post, if you had this 10 day cylce 3x in a row that would mean you just received 60 sentry and kunochi frags, just the amount you need to unlock them, I had my issues with the calendar but I can hardly complain that I received 2 free hero’s.

I also don’t understand what this has to do with upcoming draft and PvP store, it’s pretty easy to create a new topic to discuss a new calendar


Agreed. Complaining that the same two or three heroes are the login heroes is a silly thing to complain about / throw around the label ‘ridiculous’. It is fine to want new heroes there but I think a month or two is a perfectly good length to keep them before rotating. If you disagree, scroll up to the post you’re commenting about and you’ll see that a single hero because being swapped from one store for a different hero is making some people very upset.

Moving the topic back to that Matador for Steele change: As someone who has a 9* mat, I should be upset, but I’m not. Matador was in that store from the day I started playing and he has stayed there longer than I would have expected. Imo, heronium should be a solution to a problem (frags for a 10* hero can’t be applied to that hero). It should not be an end goal in and of itself such that players race to front load all their frags into a single hero or group of heroes to the detriment of the bottom 50% of heroes.

How is making it so valuable to have heroes reach the star cap supposed to mesh with the goal of getting players to use, and invest in, a wider range of heroes…


Why this month gold rewarding turnaments are removed ?
Is it permenant or just this month

*plus : draft rewards r very bad and makes you feel playing it is a waste of time i hope its just experimental and it will be adjusted next month
Especially if they r replacing the brwals elemental wars


Like the hero change. Not a fan of drafts. Takes too long, and nobody makes their teMs based upon what their opponent brings. What works works. Panzer is a tank and also has the best dps around at Platinum. She can kill anyone with her starting load. After that she just takes forever to kill. With CM Nightingale on the team it is nearly impossible to do any dmg if Panzer was successful at killing anyone on the opposing side. Dogface is the only other option to possibly beat Panzer back. It’s a shame that we can’t get some dmg from biochems, especially dir CT fire dmg. Biochem heroes tend to be flakey. This is a serious issue because Mech and Energy heroes can easily kill them. The fact that over 90% of biochem skills are dodgable/ indirect fire attacks, it means they struggle to the extreme to take anyone out. It makes very little sense that most to all people would use an all Energy team over an all Biochem team to battle against an all Mech team. It would be nice to see heroes be a bit more resilient. Seems unrealistic to see Panzer solo kill anyone with one mag. This all belongs in another thread. Anyway, new hero in PvP store; good, Draft; not good.


Mauler is a good bio hero that actually can beat panzer and/or Dogface. You need to back him up though but with plat Halo and other’s as support he’s so fun to play as


yea I agree, I love using Mauler, his basic attack damage isn’t as high as someone like Panzer, Clyde, Odachi or Artemis… but his kit makes him awesome.

and @Macdaddyclub I think you’re being unfair about BioChems… I regularily use Phoenix, Odachi, Mauler and even Artemis, and they all do really well… even against Panzer Nightingale teams.

and I definitely disagree with you @Macdaddyclub when it comes to “90% of BioChem skills are dodgable/indirect fire attacks”… as there are also plenty of non-dodgeable BioChem skills… Mauler’s ability (I think his bronze, but can’t remember off the top of my head), both of Phoenix’s abilities, Odachi’s dash attack, Both Artemis Skills, Mandrake’s tomahawk, Ghoul’s Molotov, Cast’s Stun, Cross’ Stun, Both of Scum’s abilities (I think?), both of Callidus’ abilities, Fisher’s dash attack, all are undodgable… and that’s just from the top of my head, there might be one or two that I’ve forgotten. So there’s definitely well over 50% of offensive BioChem abilities that can’t be dodged (I might even guess there’s a chance that over 75% BioChem offensive abilities/attacks are undodgeable)/


Anyone sees that the draft rewards r not alluring nor interesting to play
I really loved the concept
But i dont play it more than the first 5 cause the rewards r …meh


Cast his skills are dogable, and he could use a damage upgrade, but agreed you’re right for 95%, I just don’t want to give you a 100% cause you hit 1 mil


That’s exactly what I do for draft event :smiley:

I have a different outcome for Panzer. She is beatable. I’ve blasted squads that have Panzer. Although I win 90%+ of the time when I PvP with her