Upcoming Draft Brawls and PvP Store Updates


it is almost true, but in reality novices are given better rewards than veterans … I have a friend who started playing recently and disconnected from the game for a week and when he reconnected he was awarded a heckler I do not have heckler And I’m going to play 250 days. It’s very unfair to veterans like me.


What people seem to forget is that the meta heroes are very easily obtained (or were so for a period Panzer and Heimlock as an exception) where some counters are not. Also if the meta wouldn’t be as bad as some people say it is we should see alternatives in the top ranks of pvp events. Which we don’t. And draft with or without bannimg isn’t going to change that. A more thorough overhaul of hero’s and their power is required.

The good thing about the draft is that there is no min maxing which could be a regular pvp event feature.


yeah, i know that.
im planning to do that to get me 5* oracle :rofl:

to be fair, he lost some game (might be worthy) progress
one more hero in heroes pool might not worthy depends on which hero you get, how competitive and how your plan is


so maybe if devs gives access to every hero in the pvp draft event
they can implemented the banning system
and somewhat works as promotion to heroes, so players can buy hero crates if they really like some heroes :space_invader:


I like the idea of picking a hero, and that hero no longer being available to the other person during the draft. Of course this would need to be carefully balanced so the person picking first doesn’t always have a huge advantage, but why not make it simple?

The person who picks first can pick 1 hero, the second person picking gets to pick 2, the first person picks 1 again, the second 1, and so on and so fourth.

This way it might create some actual thinking involved in the draft without having to overhaul a bunch of heroes. So the first person picked Panzer? Guess what, I am going to pick Nightingale and Ifrit or Dogface now, leaving him with Heimlock, Mandrake, Flatline, or Caine to choose from. You take one of the best heroes out for yourself and I take the next 2 best.


i agree with picking out a hero… like what if at the start of the drafting. both players needs to choose 6 heroes. When picking heroes, both players doesn’t know what their opponents hero chose, they only saw “question marks” for the 6 heroes. Then when both heroes finalized their picks and press “Done”, then the picking system will be next. This Picking System is picking your opponents heroes on which of them is to be eliminated in the load out, choosing 1, then this will formed a 5-hero loadout.

Just saying… :slight_smile: hehehe


No no change to mat it should be a change to cast pris and in replace of them there should be some other heroes like panzer and savage there should be a change to alliance store also there must be some heroes other than galante and callidus I suggest in replace of them there must be night and butter/hivemin…


Completely agreed. I would also ban Panzer and Night.

Everything else has a decent counter and the draft would be so much better without these 2.

Absolutely spot on.


I would disagree with this decision. Matador is a decent early and mid game healer and can be useful in Campaign as well.

In the early and mid-game, healers are few and far between. Excluding crate drops, the only healers you are gonna get are:

Nightingale - available at start and in Hard Mode
Keel - Hard Mode
Matador - PVP store
Gammond - PVP store
Flatline - Gauntlet store

Yet early and mid-game players need to successfully navigate gauntlet - and that needs 5 healers minimum. Taking away Matador will severely cripple newbies’ ability to clear gauntlet and hinder their progress.

This is without taking into account whether Steele is a good replacement in the PVP store. I’ve not used him at all (despite growing him from 3 stars to 8 stars through useless crate drops), so cannot say much for his combat effectiveness. Perhaps, if HHG wants to encourage the use of Steele… you can consider replacing Yanlong with him in Hard Mode. Between the two of them, I dunno which is worse.



Great new I have him 9 stars on way to 10, but we do need more rotation in heros in general from pvp store to daily login etc even the daily rewards for doing 3 pvp battles etc need regular rotations.


I would expand on one item, which is that the bans should affect both teams, which will lead to 4 heroes off the roster each match. HHG in turn can use the banned hero picks as data on which heroes to work on to return a healthy vibe to the PvP aspect of the game.

In short, this is just going to lead to a tier 2 meta of picks, as most likely ifrit flat panzer and night will be removed in each match. Still, if they would process this information every two weeks or so (granted they up the amount of draft pick pvp sessions) we actually might get our game back.


Matador will still be available through daily quest reward, so they’re not taking the ability to power him up completely away. 3 frags/day is better than no frags/day


I agree that we need to switch around the heroes esp for the daily quests stuff enough with cinder already and maven. Lets add some more different daily quests or at least change the rewards. I still need Halloway and Hivemind for the three stars. I haven’t found them anywhere barely any frags.


This 3 pick 2 pick much better would like a ban list
To force a different battle but much improved system


I think it would be a good idea to remove skins from the pvp brawl. It would be more balanced for those who don’t have the skins.


I would really love a ban list just one or two heros
I think thats the whole idea of a draft match to ban some heros so we need to use other heros to play with or just let us not use more than 2healers I am really done with the panzer/ dogface + flatline and 3 other healers


Hypothetically speaking, if bans were a thing, and your favorite Hero was banned (say, Panzer), would you continue playing the match, or would you quit out and try to find one that allowed you to play your favorite Hero?

Ban lists sound great when you’re the one tailoring the experience to your needs. But when another player does it to you, and limits your options and changes your plans, would you still feel good about bans?


As much a valid querry you raise here, most folk have on the forums at least voiced their opinion on the current meta, and how fed up one is facing the exact same comp you rolled out, regardless of PvP mode.

I can only answer your hypothesis with exposition and a suggestion, as there is immense strategy in ban picking (in most games, that is) and as all hero characters share the same star and stripe rank, well, this invites us to find new ‘love’. As much as a good point you raise, are you, @muninn, not at all hampered by the hours of work you guys put into a roster of over 60 heroes, where only a handful of them are remotely viable, let alone considered a choice to even draft? I see a great analytical tool that you put to your disposal as ban picks (the ban will result for both teams not able to field the hero), as all you need to do is pull the ban list together (not to mention look at the top 10 favourite picks) and brainstorm on a solution how these targets no longer end up on the ban list (or on the top 10 because they have no peer, but that they were strategically the best choice to counter play). You cycle this continuously until banning becomes a strategical choice, not a reason to directly blueball panzer and nightingale out of a match.

Regardless, poll us officially and let’s see what the whole player base thinks of it! My personal opinion is that polling is not used enough by the devs to get an opinion on things. Turn the hypothesis into a democratic vote I say.


+1 on banning heroes. System should take a stat on top 20 winnable heroes and random ban 3 of them per game.

Draft pick 3x2 I think is the best combo.

Thanks for heads up with matador


hypothetically speaking, if I banned panzzer, I will play many of my favorite heroes like clyde, hevimind, odachi, sapphyr, bolt … in short, there are many heroes who would play, if it were not panzzer and his 4 healers, to which I refer and everyone said that a prohibition phase was implemented, especially for those players who use the same objective (1dps 4 healers) without those two dps, we will always see more variety of heroes in the PVP. …