Upcoming Bounties Updates


Nobody is saying it’s wrong to ask for it. We’re just trying to understand how it possibly makes sense.

You pretty much confirmed that you only like it because you’re used to it, which has zero bearing on whether or not it’s a good idea for the game. Decisions need to be made in what is the optimal way to do things. The innate perception that players have in terms of what is a “big” score will change over time to match the game.

You are welcome to your opinion, but it not based on anything objective if you can’t back it up with something other than feelings.


What do you want more time for? Making every bounty a one hit? That is not what bounty is for.
If you prefer the old system I’m fine with it, it is your point of view. But picking the best out of both systems is just overdoing it. We can discus different possibilities. But we should keep it realistic.


Love the bounty changes keep up the good work hh


@WalleWu @Papa_Marsh Well you both got me there. I am very used to the old timer and I do want to one-shot the Bounties. I understand the Bounties are a team thing and that the Alliance as a whole should be working together to get as many milestones as possible. At least the timer isn’t the forty-five second conundrum in the previous Bounty.

Sorry for being hipster af and not being mainstream. I like one-shotting bounties.


So it is workable, they just dont want it in the game. There fixed it for you


Just please fix the insane delay when trying to summon bounties… Also the lvl 95 plat +4 need to be more difficult, they’re still a 1 hit kill


I agree that the cost of summons HAS to be lowered. I also agree that the spawn rate HAS to be increased.

One point that has been discussed is whether the average bounty health should be increased - I think the answer is that it shouldn’t be, or even if increased, not significantly .

We have got to look at the player base as a whole. I can do a 1-turn takeout for bounties that are around 30+ million HP because I am running 10-star Clyde and Dogface etc.

But not every player in the game has them starred up so high. There are hundreds of alliances out there who would struggle if the bounty health damage is doubled/tripled even though that would suit me and some ‘over grinders’ fine. :slight_smile:

And, the next bounty is KLG. Hands up, anyone who has their Steele, Beck and Anvil at 10-star plat. Probably, not many and certainly not as many as Magistrates. Low HP bounties will be good again in KLG month.


I always thought that the spawned bounty depended on the alliance power.
Sure if a 5 million power allianc only spawn plat 2 bounty they struggle. But if half of the bountys are golden for a 10 million power alliance, it does not suit either.


Im not with the new bounty system at all put it back to its original state… go fix panza & PPV


So how come everyone says they should lower the cash to summon bounties instead of lots of bounties and may the alliance that plays the most and uses all the recharges wins. It should be lots of bounties and whoever plays and uses all the recharges hopefully can get higher levels.


No bro, I am in 808 strongest alliance in game and many many times spawned silver bounties.


Basically you are happy to spend the cash to summon bounties?


@BombBella please can you confirm t hat HHG have rectified the crazy spawn lag?? It took nearly 30 second to summon a bounty


Yeah I agree, Everytime I enter the bounty hunt, spawning the bounties, I get >20s lag that really burns my head. It seems the lag happens everytime I am in the hunt tab where players choose the bounty to hunt.

This lag killed my last 10 minutes experience of the bounty. HHG should look into this, I hope.


I don’t see any changes to have plenty of bounties available for a Bounty Event no matter what options are proposed there’s just not enough. The constant unnecessary unneeded adjustments are taking the fun away from point of playing the game


With the current spawn rate there are not the alliances with the best heroes and the most motivated players which are on top, but the ones who are willing to spend the most cash to spawn new bounties. And yes I know that there is a correlation between good heroes/alliances and the will to spend cash.

If you have yout bonus heroes at 8* and the rest of the heroes are about the same power, you rush through three energy, three bio and one and a hlaf, so lets say two mech. These are 8 Bountys you kill with just your main teams. If you are kind of motivated you may do this four times a day. To spawn eonough heroes for your daily use you have to spawn about 30, concidereing some leftovers and some you spawn through missions. With pawn price going up every 5(?) spawns, you need to spend above 1.5 million, which is about 1.5 times as much as you get from your daily missions if you are below vip 10 and therefore can play yout gauntlet only once.
The coclusion is, that, if you want to play on a competitive level and are not willing to spend real money for resets, you have invest ybout five days worth of cash per bounty. So no skill and hero upgrades after the next bounty, since you only have on week until the next bounty and have to spend your money there.