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3x does not work.

  • If 3x applies to everyone, you’re saying to people “this is a 100% auto-play event” which is a kind of shit message to send. Even if the 3x mode in bounty allowed for manual aiming and ability use like normal mode, it would be a pain to try to play at that speed.
  • If 3x is optional, you’re effectively penalizing people who play the bounties manually at normal speed since they now can not do as many runs as players who run at 3x. Again, penalizing players for playing manually is not a good road to go down.

The issue repearedly brought up by users is that bounty events demanded too much time from players and most of that time was spent babysitting your device while it auto plays–effectively an even more irritating version of one of those idle games. Saying “people don’t want this change” is not something you can easily say given you have to go by what some people say in chat and you are also victim to confirmation bias (as we all are). Similarly, going by what the people who are here, say, ignores the ‘votes’ cast by users who have left the game (survivor’s bias). The long and short is that the devs have data you and I don’t. If their data indicates they have a lot of mentions in chat about bounty frustration or support tickets or even if they have higher quit rates on bounty weekends vs non-bounty weekends, they will act accordingly.

The devs needed to address this source of player fatigue and the solution they chose is simple and addresses that while not drastically changing the game or breaking anything. Which makes for a good solution in my books.


Which majority? Only a few wanted it to go back to the 1:30. Most just complained about how the change was done and not that it was done.
And Irfit update? Irfit was nerfed to a reasonable level. He is still annoying but you can deal with him.
If you don’t want to use the skins you do not have to.

Seriously. Why spreading all this hate in forum? If you do not like the game anymore quit and look out for a new one.


I’ve been trying to explain this a few times also but it’s always coming out confusing.


Let’s at least try this new bounty format before judging it too hard. It might work perfectly - I’m optimistic.


@Lucy_Ford :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :skull_and_crossbones: :radioactive::biohazard:

Every comment you make, every step you take, makes me barf
(Imagine this with fields of gold song but then hateful)

@BombBella, awsome, this really sounds like a terrific fix, thanks for listening to the community!


I’m not sure how the hell I ended up championing the 3x cause. I just want a solution for the ritalin generation that doesn’t effect my game play. I like to control my heroes during bounty anyway. Like I said, I was happy with it before. You want to shave down time to curb player fatigue? Shorten the event to 1 or 2 days and do it more often, like the pvp events. Or better yet, cut out the running between levels, as it’s a pointless waste of time that interrupts the flow of combat. Just removing the intro staging, the running between stages and the fleeing early stage would clip about 30 seconds of time from bounty.


Thank you for noticing ahead of time. This is greatly appreciated


Please no. Under the old system it took a minimum of 13.5 minutes just to get through your top 5 heroes for each element with full hearts. Add in your second round picks and you are at almost a half hour. That was ridiculous. It took way too much time when you add in PVP and other aspects of the game.

The last bounty event was too short and made it so abilities were barely popping up, or weren’t at all before the event ended. This new compromise seems to address both issues. Bounties are a little longer and abilities will pop more, but it’s also a third less time than before.


Bounty is pretty good this time around.i think this will work out everyone dont see the problem…only thing I could see different instead of 3 days 2 days to help make less time


I am really liking this bounty set up with 2 30sec rounds. Keep up the good work HH.


The only concern I’m having the bounties spawn rate, can you guys fix it or put the spawn rate back the way it was before because spending millions of cash to summon for your team and to stay in top spots isn’t going to be worth it. Nor really enjoy the changes that’s been offered because everyone will be able to use their roster again and 20 bounties are very easy to go through in 3 hours.


The change is good except;

1-) Bounty spawn rates are awful, which forces player to spend too much bucks, otherwise no way to build up high scores.

2-) That leads to… Greed. I don’t want to think HHG wishes to make player buy gold in result of that. But seems thats the case.

If this problem isn’t solved, there will be major discontent its for sure.


The new system is better than the last one thou couldn’t be worse. Personally I preferred the old system but this I feel is a reasonable adjustment to reduce time needed for bounties but think the 3x button would be better or make bounty a single area like Gauntlets but all in all not bad


I (among majority) really appreciate the heads up before the event. That in itself is a fantastic start and even if the change was not well received, I think the negative feedback would have been much more reasoned rather then a ‘knee-jerk with knives attached’ reaction.

Personally I think the new format is great, echoing the sentiments of many others on the forum …

  • Think you hit the sweet spot between the length of a run VS the use of abilities VS the amount of damage done VS feeling satisfied you hit the potential of the hero you are controlling.

Again, to echo what many have already stated, you really need to fix the spawn rate AND/OR the cost per summon for a bounty.

My personal experience in the bounties equated to the following (without spending gold):

  • Spent ~20million bucks on summons that mostly I cleared with a few extras for others that might not have had the bucks lying around.
  • For every 124 energy spent, .5 of a bounty was summoned. That is, I had to burn through 2 full sets of stamina to summon a single bounty.
  • Complete runs (all 5 sectors) through gauntlet, I might have been lucky to just a single summon.
  • Daily solo raids on the first day and last day I had no summons. On the day where we get all 3, I got 2 summons.
  • Co-Ops I generally got a single summon each day out of 8 runs (trades included).

So needless to say, 99.99% of the bounties I cleared, I had to pay bucks to clear. Not sure if this was the intention but it really is not ideal. Half my alliance were generally not interested in even being competitive due to this fact alone.

Moving forward to further improve on the great work you guys have already done with bounties, this MUST be the next thing addressed.

Something along the lines of:

  • reduce the cost to summon a bounty by 80-90%
  • increase the spawn rate by 400-500%

(or you could do both :stuck_out_tongue: )

On a side note, while on the topic of bounties … how about a new zone for the event? … I really hope this is something already in the works. Given the runs are now decreased to just 2 waves, I would have thought that opened up tons of existing maps that would be suitable as a bounty stages.

Anyways … keep up the good work!



@vestige Well said! Agreed on all accounts.


I kept reading and I was about to wonder where your “-Vestige” signature was. I agree with most of the changes in the Bounty system. I just want the timer to return to the one minute, thirty seconds duration.


So you want the 60% Skill charge, half Hp and two waves, but the 1:30 timer? Sorry, but this is just stupid.


May I ask why you prefer 90 seconds instead of 60? I can’t think of any reason other than “that’s what we’re used to”.

Think about it this way… If the system always used to be 60 seconds and then they decided to change it to 90 seconds, how would you feel about it? I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of the playerbase would hate that they had to use 50% more time and effort over bounty weekend.


@WalleWu Sorry if I hurt your feelings but please give me a reason why it’s stupid.

@Papa_Marsh Yep, basically. I’m used to it. I like seeing damage numbers and skill spam whenever I absolutely melt the health of a Bounty. Sixty seconds is okay but I’d rather have a little bit more time to obliterate a bounty completely rather than seeing a Bounty survive with an infuriatingly low amount of health left. I’m somewhere between a filthy casual and a serious player.

I’m okay with all the Bounty changes; I’m simply asking for a little bit more time.


I’m going to say this again to anyone else: I am completely okay with the new bounty changes. I like the faster skill charges, lower bounty health, and faster wave clearing.

Is it wrong for me to ask for more time?