Unique lines from some heroes


At the end of a wave some heroes seem to have unique lines. Here are some I captured. C811243E-57BB-4443-B53A-2F3B6E2F0E68 0B5168E0-5B4F-4D0B-BD5D-08F95FCAA460 14816021-2A98-4FDB-B34B-B66C3BE2DF6B 55CF10F5-20D7-429E-8C4E-70193F3F410D 2ED64D20-9094-4BCD-8507-86EBAF40B060
I wonder what factors can bring them to say something or are they all in random


I’ve been wondering that as well. I’ve had Dogface say, “Nice shot” and “Hooah”, Cross say, “I think there’s a shortcut up ahead”, and Ryker say, “We’ve got ‘em on the run!” It must have some kind of connection to the level you’re playing, because I play a bunch of missions in Disrticts 1-3 and the lines halfway made sense with the story.