Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


Not really. Howitzer’s Hivemind is shown earlier in the video, in a different position, so it cant be skinned.

Gj taking a better picture, Cheque


i know bombella was on the left and Howie on the right. so to me it still looks like a skin


They keep swapping places during the video. You can even see Bomb Bella name on the right in that picture.

If you want it to be a skin, I’m nobody to tell you otherwise.


Brogan has 6* in that pic


It’s probably some testing environment where they set the heroes to 6*. But good catch!


Same happens in duels, where you can set Artemis/Prophet to 3*, if I recall correctly


I would definitely consider you a forum celebrity, you’re one of this forum’s original Scientists of the game.


are the silhouette in Red circle are different from Brogan & Min or I`m confused???


Those r razor and cinder i think


Thats razorback and ghoul. They are new skins. Look above at ULFPAM’s post from facebook and you will see them on the side of the image.

Not sure if both are legendary or if one is, but they are both at least rare skins. They are in this promo because they are halloweened themed.


So…update out for android (me) where is my free Min ? XD


I’m waiting for word from Howitzer on Min. I want to start things but waiting for a response


The helmet is similar with Anvil…


So, will Anvil have 6 stars?


I doubt it. To date heroes have been released as a 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 star hero.

Given that screen shot is related to the brawls (draft mode) currently running I think it is just a by product of that. Where by all heroes were normalised to 6* gold +1.


Not. He is on that screenshot evolved to 6* like almost all other characters you see.


Yeah, I guess Anvil will be 3 stars hero…

But now we know which heroes hiding in the shadow…