Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


ifrit i guess,
we don’t have that many dual guns wielder


He looks a bit too chunky! But the pose is kinda Ifrit-ish.


New hero maybe !! In the coming monthes
or ifrit in rare or legendary skins


Isn’t ifrit dual-weilding pistols? He looks like hes handling one with both hands


i’m not sure really i’m just guessing, maybe a hero got new design,

but guessing from their positions it mech hero


Thought it was Phoenix with her Valkyrie skin.


Phoenix Valkyrie was my first thought too


November hero, maybe?

Just like we could see Ifrit when they released the PvP duels feature (June) but he wasnt released until August

It doesnt look like any hero we currently have, imo.

Am I famous enough to be referenced in other posts? :smiley:


Wait who are you? Lol I checked the gun doesnt resemble any knowned equipment. Unless that skin changes the armement aswell


maybe that’s a new skin for an existing pistol/shotgun/assault rifle wielding hero?

Could be anyone, Butter, Castellan, Flatline?!??!? (hell even another Clyde skin)




I’m betting it’s a future hero, but maybe it’s just Ifrit.


They “accidentally” leaked this


This new update is full of mysteries such as custom crate PvP drafting haloween etc. So much exited for this update canr wait for it and especially magistrate month too…
If anyone can suggest me a good team including bonus heroes like that of magistrate faction it will be a great sigh of relief…
Plz tell me a PvP team for this month or for this faction by inspecting me …
My id is R15HAV plz tell in this forum or pm me posting ur heroes lodout as I have heroes I really needed that …plz guys help …plz…



Could be this one? (source: PvP draft video)

It has a similar pose, similar horns and also big shoulderpads


November hero confirmed .lol


i have Wesson close to Gold +4. but will be spending the next update upgrading my Min. i want to look out for those pumpkins.

halloween is epic



could be that hivemind skin we have wanted


I just want to know when the update will be … the blessed update :sob::sob::sob: … besides having enough gold to spend … I just want to know when it will be updated …