Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


It is not 100% sure of course. But giving a “hint” like this and then featuring an other faction would be quite mean and somehow unfair.


I think it’s hinting that the new 7* hero is a Magistrate. But I don’t think they’ll make him and his faction the theme of the month basically since he’ll be too hard to acquire only from expensive crates / low odds.
I think they’ll make the monthly theme around the second new hero who’s most probably a 3*.


Possible, but hinting this in the context of the featured faction and then featuring some other would be infelicitous (google provides really nice words from time to time :grin:).


Super excited!


this is the Facebook image, I do not know … it’s me or Brogan has 5 stars and the other 2 because those stars are badly ordered, 2 stars up and down 5 … because there are blank spaces of the stars or I am crazy and I analyze it too … hahaha… the name of my account of heroes hunters is 4lph4 0r1onis porfa developers send answers


Lol…the tag says best FPS on mobile and it is a TPS…


I saw a developer in the VIP chat yesterday answering questions stating that the new update “will be released sometime during October”. We’re so used to having the updates in the final week of the preceding month so this screws my OCD up a bit. Like, the September update came Augusti 28:th.


Devs mentioned that more October details would be released tomorrow (Thursday)


Last few times it was just before the 2nd bounty, which is really sweet, faster updates


They’re testing the patch now and the update is due for next week sometime (word from VIP chat).


Teaser worth watching.


“Next update will come out some time in October - Omnipotent”

As a note: I am talking about the broader October period, not guaranteeing anytime next week. The update will be ready when it is ready.


There was another one of you on today who said it’s highly likely to be released next week. And I kinda hope since we’re out of events now when the ongoing PVP and solo raid ending. But of course, recording something that’s not ready to be released is 100% worse than having us wait a while longer. :slight_smile:


Is that a new razorback skin in the teaser?


Found on Facebook. Sounds amazing! Hidden pumpkins, Halloween store, skins, CUSTOM CRATE, Brogan, Min…! And from what I’ve heard, loooots of rebalance work.


Pumpkin-back looks awesome XD


I don’t know what to think of this limited time thing and the subscribe chest?

This means people who can’t login during day time miss out on the event? So not getting the rewards?

And what do we need to pay for the subscribe chest?


I’m totally excited for halloween store, scavenge hunting, new skins, custom crate and MIn (I will have enough energy frags from heroniums to evolve her to 8 stars when coop rolls in).

As a grind maniac I am really eager to farm for candy currency.


Pretty exciting update!

Not that keen on the Halloween bits. Might be nice if we could compile a location list of all pumpkin locations (unless it is randomised). Custom crate could be interesting though, I so badly want Prophet frags.

Some randomly interesting things about the picture:

Custom crate: anyone know what the power cell (which looks like a car battery) is?

Picture of Brogan: it’s mirror imaged because all pictures so far show his right eye using the cybernetic optical aid, not his left eye. His beret is also on the other way so also mirror imaged. But since it’s not exactly the same picture with the same details, maybe this Brogan is from another sub-faction.

Brogan’s bronze skill Focus Fire: the icon looks like he’s giving the middle finger, lol.


Who is this?