Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


Then you will see lots of players taking advantage of that skill, and make another kind of min-maxing issue in PVP​:hushed::hushed:




So did Ryker and Wesson have a kid or something?


Yes… and his name was Brogan!


I think brogan is magistrate so that means his relative of dogface , gammond , hardscope and others


he can be kid of dogface


not the kid…

A competitor…

remember Dogface is a Gunmaker…

& that Guy really looks like a Gun maker…lol


i knew he will be it as i shared a image


i shared it a week ago


wait they said two heroes will be joining hunt not 1


I hope the other new hero is gonna be Energy. I have sooo many Energy fragments saved up.


His gun looks similar to an AK, equipped with what appears to be a grenade launcher that is also equipped with a bayonet.

Tacticool? No, he needs more attachments. He even has a robotic hand if you look closely! Definitely the crazed gunman of the Magistrates.


I hope its bio. We have less bio heroes than anything else. And most of the good ones are 5* (locked behind crates)


Thank you! All I needed to hear


Wanted badly a magistrates month …


We still don’t know which faction will be featured next month.


Howitzer kind of confirmed it in this thread


I’m sorry, I missed it and I still don’t see where he confirmed the October faction. Will you please quote it?
I only see 2 posts by him in this thread: the original post and post #65 where he hints “Soon” and 7 stars around a Magistrates logo.


I was referring to the posted logo since he posted it after the faction was asked/said to be confirmed by a user.


So according to this, the next faction IS Magistrates?
R15HAV saw something about Magistrates being declined as next featured faction since he wrote “Wanted badly a magistrates month …”

I think we just have to wait and see as usual. :slight_smile: No one expected UAF in September but there were rumours