Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


Confirmed how and where and when?


NEEDS PROOF!!! lol send me proof

They event have a patrol named: Brogan’s fields


doesnt show proof




so magistrates it is


I’m not sure if Howitzer fully understands the art of subtlety, lol :stuck_out_tongue: but yes seems like Magistrates it is (and about 99% confirmed that one is gonna be Brogan… unless Howitzer is even more devious than he seems, and is showing us that one hero will be 3 stars and the other will be 4 stars… despite there not actually being any 4 star heroes in the game ._. )


Where are you getting 3 and 4 stars? Both the “soon” pictures he posted have 7 stars and the wording are in mech orange coloring. I think it’s pretty safe to assume one hero will be Brogan, a mech Magistrate, and 7*. The other hero is totally up in the air though.



it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: but if you look at the newest picture… he has 3 stars across the top of the Magistrate’s icon, and then 4 grouped along the bottom of the icon (and there gaps between the stars on the edges of those 2 groups are slightly further apart than the other groups) I believe as you do, where it’s hinting at Brogan being a Mech Magistrate who is 7 stars… but was just saying who knows, maybe Howitzer is so devious and subtle he’s trying to make us THINK he’s not… and assume he’s showing us something else. :joy:


Let him get his popcorn ready


He never even asks if we want to have some of his popcorn, just sitting there munching and crunching. :frowning:


Yall know me so well.


:joy: :joy:

So we still know nothing


Im sure rygel will look at that gif and tell us something like: the guy is wearing red wich is close to orange=mech. XD


I hope the second (not 7* Brogan) hero will be a blue one since I have saved blue fragments two 2 months. If we’re not getting a new energy hero I’m giving the blue fragments to Halo to push her up to 7*.


Haha yes, I have deciphered Howitzer’s hidden message yet again from that teaser:

conspiracy theory noises

Haha yes, its going to be a 2 star energy hero. /s


Me siento exitado! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Gruff_McTuff there is a pic with clyde and there is brogan on background so i figured out he is sure going to be magistrates
And there is something that looks like a pattern for faction of the month - magistrates bonus pvp was in august


OK, so it’s likely but not confirmed.
We were all trolled by the UAF month. :slight_smile:


I hope one hero is named Balance, and his/her bronze skill is to magically fix min/maxing. :rofl: