Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


Looking at the file name of the picture, looks to be a beta design for someone. Says it’s from Gunrise (my guess is pre Hero Hunters)


@GIR. Yeah. It was used to be called Gunrise back in the days.
Never seen that hero before though…


Everyone are exited for new heroes


@rollyhead, no it was not well hidden as you can see here:

@GIR, I could understand that being a pre-beta. But why show up now? Randomly. Right before two supposed new heroes.


@omnipotent, I find it interesting you ask this question:

And than this picture shows up out of the blue. Hopefully I’m onto something and you haven’t trolled me haha.


@Cap Well, at this point, that pink- & blonde-haired girl has to be one of the new heroes. Whether that’s Brogan, or if it’s the other hero along with Brogan, or if there’s no Brogan at all in the upcoming update, I don’t know.
@Omnipotent Sorry but I’m not really understanding the question… :thinking:


He’s been trolling before.
cough Ottoman Chesterfield cough cogh - look it up!


@ULFPAM, But we do have ottoman chesterfield. He came with the latest update.


Then this looks like an Oracle skin tbh. And it’s strange that the image doesn’t appear when I look at the play store. It’s still Caine for me


Yes but it was hinted as an anagram puzzle of some sorts back in July with the notion “hint for the upcoming update” and I went to this forum to hype the hint and the update came and no Ottoman Chesterfield. :frowning: And Omni said “oops but we intended to release him in August but…”. Aka. trolled!


Party-Oracle! I like it. Make the orbital bombards in different cool party colours and make “Staying alive” play in the background while the enemy team is trying their best to dodge the strikes.


Oh well, maybe mine is like that because it says Beta




That looks like a grizzly party Ryker


Brogan is Ryker’s drunk uncle


:joy: Ryker family member are also heroes


i found this somewhere


They did the same thing with ifrit being the game icon on android App Store. He was the app icon on my tablet well over a month before they even teased him. And yes it’s brogan check the beard / eye gear / Hawaiian shirt it’s not ryker.


October is for Magistrates - confirmed


he will be magistrate