Two New Heroes will be joining the Hunt in October


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yea, the 2 7* (they were 9* at the time) heroes they released were in SUPER early Beta/Early Access. And Prophet and Artemis were Crate only heroes on time of release… (I guess they’re Crate Only heroes now too). so I’m guessing they might be the same for this new hero (Brogan?).

Tho… there wasn’t really much in the game so they didn’t have any events or good methods to collect high star heroes, so there might be some other method they’ll make this new 7* available.


Who is this Brogan person I keep hearing about?


it’s a rumoured hero who’s name has been filtering around the Discord server for a long while, and it came from a posted screenshot of one of the Devs (I think it was Omni) making a comment that “Prophet, artemis and Brogan” are crate only heroes. And since then he became a bit of a myth, and the Discord members were super curious and theory crafting who this “Brogan” could be (anytime a male hero was teased, people would be “It’s BROGAN!” but to no avail… it never was… but the common consensus is that Brogan will be Mech’s 7* hero, to complete the Trio of 7* heroes (one for each element). I haven’t heard much about Brogan for a while… but with this teaser… and the Orange text and the 7 stars in it… (and the fact that this is a 2 hero release month, so they probably want an easy to get hero released with a harder to get hero).


And there’s some Brogan graffiti on a wall in District 11!


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One hero per month is enough. We need to,farm and level up…


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@Danielle_Carroll, this is not a return to the 2 Hero releases. We are doing a bigger update than usual.

@DESTROYER1DAN, who is Brogan? If one Hero is Brogan, whose the other one??


it must be Bulk. Together they form Bulk Brogan


Was waiting for someone to make that joke.

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I’m not sure if this is “Brogan” or the other new hero. But I sure haven’t seen her before. Hmm… (Taken from the app icon on the google play store.)


Is that the upcoming hero?


Hard to say. Could be a future release down the line even… I just happened to stumble across it a couple of minutes ago. Either way, new heroes are always welcome in my book.


Yeah nothing can be said who it will be


Possible foreshadowing for future upcomings. I don’t see them adding a random “nobody” as an app icon if they’re not available (or soon to be available) in the game. Food for thought.




Would be funny though if they added a random picture of a girl, everyone going mental about who it is and what she can and we never get that hero, and we see that picture later as some graffiti on a wall


@Cap i didnt find that pocture on the store, well hidden??