Today was awful


What? The health was scaled down to match the time change, the amount of points per round should be the same. This benefits player because they’re able to be more productive in less time.


But the problem is that the health wasn’t scaled properly because we aren’t getting to hit the bounty for 45 secs. I don’t know about you but the crosshairs on the bounty hero don’t even turn red until the clock is at 41 secs, then they start moving positions at 25 secs (which takes 5 or so secs) and then they run away whennthe timer hits 4 secs so we are actually only getting about 32 secs of actual hit time (about 1/3 of old bounty time) but the health of the new bounties is not 1/3 of what they used to be, they’re closer to a half. So yes we are having to hit more to kill more which translates to more runs needed and therefore more gold/revives.


I can’t agree more… even if the change is not a good change (in your eyes)… there’s no reason to have a tantrum like a 4 year old kid, and rage about how something changed.

Do I think the change was perfect? no I could think of one or two tweaks that the Devs could do to their changes to make the bounty still be good.

Do I think this change was terrible? no, it’s actually better for me than it was before (spent the same amount of stamina and resets but it took up half the time… and I still got roughly the same number of points/bounty kills as I usually do, and my bounty damage is actually about 2/3s of where it normally is… so I don’t actually understand why people are raging about doing NO damage… you’re just doing LESS damage)

@Nham I also like to think that this community prides itself on it’s support of the devs and ESPECIALLY having a great environment (especially for a Mobile game)… it’s one of the reasons why I’m still fairly active in this game and community.


And this my dear friends is why I’m not posting on the forums anymore this childish fighting against someone who was level headed and thought differently about the situation Yosai rygel and nham I may not agree with you always but I think you hit it spot on this time.