This must be a joke

My “panties” aren’t twisted. Truthfully my state of being isn’t even changed by it. Only being matter of fact. Ghastly, I appreciate your eagerness to assist with knownledge but you’re often incorrect or maybe not completing thought process before responses. Slow down a tad my friend.


You should slow down as well. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. I’m watching this thread closely, now.

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  1. The comment was in general and agreeing with another commenter on the post, it wasn’t targeted at you. You have chosen to take personal offence, that’s fine.

  2. This entire post is about people not thinking before they post, people constantly complain when good things happen. The frag limit has increased, that’s a good thing, people haven’t waited for the next raid to come out so in fact everyone saying it has changed and the frag reward has decreased is also wrong :man_shrugging:t3:

You sure Helios has always given the lowest or it seems lowest now simply because it’s the first event after the 15 frag limit change (with the frag payout also being changed as a result)?

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100% it has always given less frags, it has always been a complain the raid is too hard for the fact that we get less rewards

Awesome. I’m not expecting a huge change but I’m hoping to get 10-11 frags for the other Co-ops then.

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I think dojo or city hall gives 7 frags a run at level 90 so most will nearly hit the 15 frag limit

Unless HHG have been pulling some shady stuff with different rewards for different people (wouldn’t be the first time), this is incorrect. The current Helios rewards are exactly the same as they were before the update (4-5 for 90+).

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I was incorrect and am editing this for correction so my apologies for stating that one. Last Helios was 5-6 and last dojo was 7 a round. People were hitting the limit at 85 that’s why if you couldn’t do 90 it didn’t matter. If you look up the old post of the update you’ll see the “temporary screenshots” matches what we have today. When it came out it was higher because of voiced opinions.

…No it wasn’t…? I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. Dojo and City Hall had a 7 frag reward for 90+. Helios has had 4-5 for as long as I can remember.

That’s the entire reason people get frustrated with Helios. Because before, if you wanted to hit the 8-frag limit each day, you HAD to do 90+, since 85+ was 3-4.

Meanwhile, you could always just do the 55+ for Dojo/CH since it rewarded a flat 4 every time.

Just because you type the words doesn’t make them true.

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We don’t normally do this, but here are the rewards, same as they were before, for the upcoming Assault on City Hall:

Level 25+: 1x Alvarez Fragment
35+: 1-2x Alvarez Fragment
45+: 2-3x Alvarez Fragment
55+: 2-4x Alvarez Fragment
70+: 3-5x Alvarez Fragment
85+: 3-6x Alvarez Fragment
90+: 4-7x Alvarez Fragment

  • Assault on City Hall has always offered a range
  • Enter the Dojo always has flat amounts per level

Hope this clears up any confusion and panic.


90 is giving you 4 or 5, but thats still horrible since its the hardest coop

Its definitely bizzare that the hardest coop ia giving the worst rewards, but yeah thats how it has been from the start

Nothing to slow. Possibly wrong tone was interpreted. Watch away =)