The Second community games have begun!

Hello hunters and welcome back, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy in these trying times.

Once again the Discord community team is looking to run our bimonthly community discord PvP tournament. This is similar to the last event where there will be rewards for the final 3 contestants, we had 60 people partake last event and we are hoping to get around double that this month. The rewards are as follows:

:1st_place_medal: 5 Gilded Tokens
:2nd_place_medal: 5 Featured Hero Tokens
:3rd_place_medal: 5 Hero Crate Tokens

Please use the following sign up link to be involved:

You will need to create an account and ensure your nickname on Toornement to your in game name, this is a rule and must be followed to ensure your match can find you in game to commence the duel.

Sign ups last until May 31st. The tournement begins on June 1st at 12:00 AM Midnight.



  1. You must sign up to the link above to be entered
  2. Match results MUST be uploaded to the website and are self reporting, if you have a dispute then you must contact a moderator (not a developer) on discord or use toornement to dispute.
  3. PVP matches are done by platinum only, Kurtz is banned from this event.
  4. Matches are best of 3 in all rounds.
  5. If you are not able to make contact with your opponent within 36 hours then your opponent will be disqualified, this is down to the moderators digression. Please do not spam hoping for a response or argue with their decision as it is final. Arguing or targeting because of a decision made will result in you being disqualified as well.

Good luck to everyone participating, please make sure you have access to discord to contact for assistance, please use the link below to join us if you haven’t yet.


Good luck to everyone who enters!


Good luck everyone! <3

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I’m not able to join the discord group from the link provided

It would be nice to extend prizes to everyone (even a miserable hero chest). We already know the top 5 hahaha, I would ban them as kurtz ahahah.

at 12:00 AM Midnight.

GMT? UTC? PVP? :laughing:

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@Obleoh_Butler Please add me and send me a message on discord: Ghastly#7800 I will see why you can’t join and get you connected as soon as possible :smile:

@Elle_Apostrofo_Orso everyone and anyone is welcome to join in and play, the round period is 36 hours to allow people from different time zones to play their matches! The event starts at 12:00 UTC+1 which is the same time zone the in game events follow


How do we come to know when is my match and with whom? @Gale

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When you sign up on Toornament it will assign you a number, this number is automatically and randomly assigned with another number (your opponent). You can find all the matches from this link:

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If Kurtz is banned then lots of Kurtz addict players will get wrecked. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


If you want to show your fight on my YouTube channel, take a videoscreenshot and send it to me. I will post your video on my channel.:ok_hand:
(ask me how to do it right).

My mail👉

My nickname in the game👉 KOLGAN

My channel :point_down:

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I’m having problems with the link too.

Please message me on discord @Ghastly#7800 and I will get back to you ASAP to get you in if you’re still having problems

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K, I did. I’ll check discord. And thanks so much.

Links only work through web browser, I couldn’t get into discord for like a month lol then I went to the internet and im in now.

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Odd I didn’t know that, anyone who needs e link on mobile just PM my discord I will be more than happy to send it your way