The matching system recently works greater than ever


The balance in PvP is just non existant. I have a team of 80 platin with 4 7* and one 6* and i get constantly matched against players with 9* or even 10*… How in the hell am i supposed to do this? The actual promotion status is worth almost nothing, while stars boost the damn heroes like crazy and make them unkillable, not to mention that the new heros first skill is completely overpowered… even against targets that are in advantage due to element bonus…
Teampower means nothing when you get matched against someone using a hero, that is due to stars capable of one-shotting your entire team single handedly! It’s frustrating beyond any limits and really screams Pay2Win…



My team is comprised of heroes who are :

  • at most 1* up or down
  • at most 1 promotion up or down
  • skills are usually maxed to the level of the heroes.

With such team, i now fight against similarly build teams, or have an advantage of 2-3k over a team that is less balanced.

To me, the matchmaking seems a lot better than it was 4-6 months ago. Of course, some missmatch happens, but rarely. No need to cry over spilt milk.

Having heroes that satisfy those requirements is a pain while you are a new player. Just don’t try to grow too fast and you should face teams you can win against. My advice for a growing player would be to have separate pools of heroes for story vs pvp. Grow you story heroes as much as needed. Grow your pvp heroes, team by team and let them all grow at the same time


Matchmaking before was bad. Now it’s just horrendous.
Playing a balanced team gets you punished lmao. I guess min-maxing is the current meta now.


hahaha if it is normal for the pairing system to be like this. Sometimes, punish others. And others punish you, only in the tournaments is when people show their other side, they put a platinum ronin of 6 * with all their skills improved and the other heroes they use do not even have a standard of living.


So there is no punishment for using 9* hero with 5* and 6* hero’s?
If that’s true, Congratulations developer’s, you are doing great :clap:


You know this game is going down the drain when you have the same exact problems a year ago, and you have a forum filled to the brim with similar complaints.


@Muninn Can we please make this useless thread die :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, a new one would pop up a day or so after…


Complete minmaxing getting only 3K punishment, good for him.

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