Take better care of your customers


You got a big head I can give you that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah this would be like the beta days again where we were couldn’t get higher than gold+2 because we couldn’t get gold items frags from missions. We could only get them in creates(with the worst drop rate) and occasional in the BM for a total overprice. I don’t want to go back to this again


The issue is these guys expect you to come on here in a calm manner when you can be irate at times when this game fucks you over hard. And yes a lot of the people who replied to you are “yes” men, who tout the awesomeness of this game, especially that ULFPAM guy, or any “Editor” for the matter. Anyone who goes against these guys will automatically get shut down. Don’t spend money on this game, don’t expect anything from customer service. If you can’t screenshot the actual bug then you’re screwed. They will only compensate when there is absolutely hard evidence that they can’t refute. Just my thoughts on this, which is why I stopped posting anything on these forums, unless it’s something that many people are complaining about. Take my advice and save your energy and money.


Is it that unreasonable to want someone on a public forum to be respectful to other people and not insult them?

This part is my favorite. You do know that you get the “editor” badge just for editing one comment, right? lol.

While I admire your brazen admission to contributing nothing to the forums, it confuses me why you would only post when you can add nothing of value aside from the extra white noise of complaints…?


As an ‘editor’ I feel the need to reply.

As stated above, we want people to be a bit respectful towards each other, we already have enough toxic new faces showing up here, just to rant and flame once and then leave never to be heard of again.

In better times when more people were active here, we discussed a lot, and yes we ‘editors’ also went against each other.

But I don’t have to neee complain about everything, same that we create the same toxic post 3x in a row, or that people don’t use the search function to see others complaining about the same issue.

Krat out


I’m levelling way faster since the drop rate change, pvp is what it is sometimes you win sometimes you lose


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