Surprise attack? Alliance wars

I agree surprise attack should be removed completely. If not, a potential fix would be to NOT grant a shield when a sector is taken behind enemy lines. I mean, you ARE behind enemy lines! IF that alliance manages to connect with the sector they took in this manner then perhaps they have earned a shield at that point. But to just bomb away at a 2 star sector that cuts supply lines for 8 hours is ridiculous. Shields in general are too long anyway (except for recapture). Recapture should = 1 hour, no star capture = 1 hour, 1 star capture = 90 minutes, 2 star capture = 3 hours, surprise attack any sector = No shield.


Alliance wars is been decent so far. I mean decent because HH is focusing any game mode in hero hunters towards spenders. And now with surprise attacks probably cheaper as for now that we have the gears for war coins but surprise attack is horrible way to deal with and not fun at all. Basically they cut you and they have minimum 3 hours to take all your good sectors down and now with the infiltrator when they can sabotage your improvements. I mean common. In real war, Means they can kill the king in the middle of the castle without even reaching there. :rofl:


They turn Alliance War into a joke with the endless scout/sabotage. They had the right idea before where you can only sabotage if you make a bee line toward the HQ. Sabotage should be difficult because it is a game changer, not who has more resources. Imagine if you’re playing chess and you’re surrounded, but all of a sudden, you decide to sabotage the king/queen just because.


Not sure what AW everyone plays, its been nonstop surprise attacks since the mode was introduced several wars ago (at least in expert tier). Perhaps because it is now accessible, “real” war is being played at all levels. There hasn’t been a frontline in my wars except for the couple of wars where the HQ defense was ridiculously high… even then surprise attack was the only way to win. Isn’t it strategy to concentrate heroes at weak points and to maximize points gained… and to know where to use your surprise attacks to best cut off your opponent? Besides, you get pretty good hourly points with bonus hero on 2 star positions even when cut off.

Now access to the bonus hero… that’s a different story but not this thread

War versions of Surprise Attack:

  1. Drone Strikes
  2. Paratroopers
  3. Mortars
  4. Catapulting oneself at the highest castle tower

The issue isn’t with the surprise attack on a tile. The issue is with the recent change to allow someone to sabotage a bonus from afar at anytime while it isn’t shielded. Previously, it cost X amount of BP and you have to be connected to someone to sabotage. With the recent change, all you need to do is scout, then sabotage. Sabotage should not be this easy. They had it right previously where you can only sabotage when you’re connected next to the tile, not through sneak attack.

There definitely needs to be a penalty on sneak attack. Everything you mentioned, what are the chances that a paratroopers or a catapulted person survive before even getting to the final destination? The further away from HQ, the more of penalty it should be.


Pretty sure it was just your comment (and one side comment earlier) that was concerned about infiltrator. My comment was for all the other 18 comments about being cut off.

There is a penalty for distance, did you see how high scouting costswhen you go farther from your tiles? Pretty sure it seems pretty light right now because we have months to years of mats we haven’t used. But with the amount of coins I used dicking around scouting the entire map and sabotaging/rushing builds, I guarantee it will run low for most alliances and then you PTW enough materials to make up for it (Versus before… who just has more gold). I agree that infiltrator pretty dumb in its current state, but once alliances thin out at mats (sounds like yours started to?) then the question is do you waste your coins sabotaging if they are just going to rush rebuilding or scout? Perhaps HH can raise the war coins even further to expedite the depletion.

And yea paratroopers don’t tend to survive when thrown to deep, just like how once you sabotage, the other team can just rush build and its like nothing happened. They are good at holding down bridges briefly and literally cutting off supplies so the main force can come in. Sounds like what we do in AW.

They kind of improved it as they say. Surprise attack will cost double battle points which you can’t buy. Well done bangz. Hopefully it will work well this coming war.

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All 4 versions of real war types of surprise attacks listed above don’t come with a cushion of hours of protection. The only real protection in war is behind your own lines. Also as described above, such an attack when coupled with the Calvary coming in to connect and protect, is what war is more closely like. An UN-shielded capture is the most realistic and strategic assimilation of war and that’s the change that is needed. Want that cut, do it with your best teams.

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