Stratus Sphere Difficulty

I was able to get thru all of it 3 stars by executing and reviving with Kurtz and Flat. Also have ice, stratus, and heim on the squad if anyone is struggling give that a whirl.

with this team in seconds per match I closed the whole map kkkkk

Congratulations to all newcomers! Your whinings transformed new Razordome event into 25+ difficulty for all players and now this is became another boring pew-pew where you don’t need even move your hero…

The event should be friendly for ALL players, not just people of higher level. I honestly don’t see the harm in lowering the health of the enemies at all. Now lower-level players can progress, and higher level players still get the same rewards. Win-win.

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Increase the difficulty to add more challenges so that, players get extra joy of winning but, someone start complaining.

Decrease the difficulty so that, anyone with any team can beat i,no fun & someone start complaining.

Really it’s tough to be a developer running a forum where anyone can complain on literally anything.
I’ll complain later then, enough for this week:)


We don’t need another solo razordome event where most players are limited to how many times they can have a chance at the crate rewards due to difficulty spikes. the event is now fair for the majority instead of those who are endgame with plat 5 and ruby.

I definitely noticed a change in difficulty, which is a relief. How it was with Gunsmoke was perfect: Easy was easy, medium was a bit of a close call. Hard and up was a real difficulty.


Actually, you aren’t the only one left wondering. I was wondering just how are the numbers set? I’m sure there is a table holding this info, but I found the challenges quite high. Had the same problem with the last 2 Gauntlets. I didn’t complain but most of the time the numbers are just tooooooo high. IE I’ll get character with a loadout of 45,000 or more. My highest team was only 35,000. Do the math, not quite kosher.
I’m just sayin…

Update: Thanks to the changes, I was able to complete the event. These are my best heroes, I don’t have Serial, Kurtz, Oracle, or Kyoshi. But thanks to the changes I was able to finish the Master level. As the title implies, it wasn’t a walk in the park, and I haven’t three starred it yet. The easy challenges were easier, medium challenges (with a few outliers) were medium, master was a difficult. Most of them do require a strategy to get through. Some players are claiming that with the changes make the raid to easy, a lot more players then previously have said that they had finished the raid. While you can’t make everyone happy, hopefully the devs take notes from this to make the next raid better and develop it to work the way they want it to. I want to thank the devs for the work on this raid, (and this game in general and the lunar new year and valentines gifts), and actually changing the raid when they thought they’re was a problem. This probably won’t be the last time devs receive flak for some issue, but I thank and respect them for fixing this.

Edit: With a little bit of luck and a whole different strat, I’ve three starred the master level!


use your bonus heroes bro

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I sisnt use serial at all and i completed it. And on the point of serial…i almost never use him for anything…well patrols and aw. But not pvp or pve.

If they make it tough ppl complain. If they make it easy ppl complain. They evalute based on what they here and how their tests go. Its an impossible job to make everyone happy here. Heck some of the ppl that complain…complain on both sides. So no making them happy at all. The some events are as a rule based on your heros and powers. You need to dind what works in that…there is something. I dont use kurtz or serial. Like ever. And i still beat the domes…usually at a -30k power disadvantage. Thats because i believe the devs want you to experiment with your team composition…or at least the computer does.
Over all the devs do a great job trying to balance the needs of everyone. Not just the select few or the emptiest but noisiest barrels.
Just becuase u arent happy doesnt mean others arent happy. They have to try for the majority of players. And i think they do a great job. Yes sometimes they make mistakes…but who here doesnt?


I like if some heroes are specially made for some specific purpose & they have a clear role in this game… Like making keel a cover repairing hero is nice few more like baron, marianas, anvil & etc who have their own special & unique role in this game is what I like the most about any hero.
Serial & kurtz is essential for pve which is good & I don’t find any point to complain that you don’t have those heroes so you can’t pass some missions… It gives you a challenge to find a different combo like you did (I hope you didn’t use too many ff heroes in stratus event)
So, it’s ok for me if in future we got some extremely Challenging events. Have a great day

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