Some suggestions as I sadly leave this game


I have loved this game for over a year. I have spent an hour or two every day GRINDING my way through despite the developers constantly adding new ways to slow down my progress.
I gave the developers hundreds of dollars - roughly the cost of four brand new PS4 games - and yet I was still expected to grind through every step of this game and to watch ads(!).
The latest round of changes have finally destroyed my dwindling enthusiasm.
I have spent over a year building the right combination of ten star heroes so I could use them to farm heronium and strengthen my other heroes.
Now they’ve randomised the hero fragments in both the PVP store and the Gauntlet store and I have to draw the line. My enthusiasm was slowly being killed over the last few months but now it is truly dead and I will be leaving this game.

If the developers ever read this, please consider the following changes:

  1. If people have already paid you money, don’t make them watch ads.
  2. If people decide to watch your ads, don’t then limit how many they can watch in a day.
  3. If people have quick win tickets, they should be able to use them without it ALSO eating up stamina.
  4. Don’t give bogus VIP rewards. Being a VIP, I was allowed more resets and refills but they just cost more gold each day to actually activate. That is no reward. Seriously, you believe that ‘allowing’ us to spend more money each day is somehow a bonus?
  5. Stop making all the rewards a gamble. The campaign level rewards and the crates offer disgraceful odds for the rewards. If we are spending time/energy/money or gold we should know exactly what we are going to get and the costs of crates is so high in proportion to the possible rewards.
  6. Stop changing the hero fragments in the PVP and Guantlet stores. Do you realise how much time and effort goes into building a ten star hero? We need the hero fragments to stay constant in those stores so that we have the power to share out fragments to heroes of our own choosing. When you randomise hero fragments there is now very little incentive to invest in any particular hero.
  7. I am not sure anyone playing this game wants an added strategy element (Alliance Wars). We play this game for the quick battles of action packed shooting. Consider removing the Alliance Wars as it just eats up more time and energy for alliances when our attention is already absorbed with so many other things in this game.
  8. And most of all, PLEASE stop finding new ways to slow down our progress. Please stop crafting new ways to frustrate your players in hopes that their frustration will turn into spending money. You force us to focus on PVP so much - why do you have to slow our hero-building down when PVP is always a fresh challenge with unknown opponents?

Lastly, I have to say I really, really loved this game. And I still love the core mechanics and concept. I just cannot stand the grind any more. It has eaten up too much of my free time and I have wrestled with the decision to quit for a few weeks now. I have finally hit my limit in what I can take.
Bye all, and good luck with the game. :slight_smile:


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Let’s see…

  1. You want them to lose the help of the ads? It’s just a 30 second video.
  2. There has to be a limit implemented, otherwise what is the point with the rewards. It would just abuse the system.
  3. Again, limitations. Example, my max stamina is about 137. You are telling me I should be able to use about 40k in quickwin tickets without it using up stamina.
  4. VIP is an option.
  5. All games rewards are a gamble. That is why they have you play it. In the long run the rewards are fulfilling rather than boring one shot rewards.
  6. Change is good and needed. Can’t have the same thing going on day in and day out. That is the definition of insanity.
  7. There are many players, so you don’t know everyone’s preference or play style. It’s a new concept. Just roll with it.
  8. PvP is just an option. Don’t want to do it? Don’t. Or just play til you make it to whatever division you want.

Just my 2¢


Yes am sick of the fragments changes as well they need to look at it


I understand that stamina and quick wins are separate currencies, and since even winning regular stages generates qw tickets, it would almost be an endless loop of quick wins if it wasn’t for the stamina drain.

Having said that, I wouldn’t mind if the whole currency of quick win tickets would be omitted completely and just have stamina to pay attention to. That’s what happened in Forged Fantasy some months ago, and it saved up a lot of time otherwise spent on dull autoplays.


I’m not sure about some of your reasons, but I do have a problem with the changing stores. I do not have any intention of reaching 10* because it will take multiple years of focused effort to do. If you already have 10* heroes then it’s no big deal, obviously. Since most players don’t, it’s unrealistic to reach that goal in any short amount of time.


I agree with some of what you are saying about the devs changing the hero frags around. However, I completely disagree with most of the rest of your post. Don’t forget when you spend money you are also buying gold, sta, or fragments. The VIP is just a tier system to reward those who spend more money and entice players to spend more.

You get those benefits as an added bonus and I think you are seriously downplaying their impact. It’s not just more chances to spend gold or money. You get an extra Gauntlet reset that gives 600-700k extra cash per day and 1750 extra Gauntlet gems (which equals 17.5 hero frags or 8 Gold Throwing Stars, roughly). That’s double what a non-VIP player gets and may not seem like a ton for the price paid, but it really adds up over time. In addition you get 25% more hearts in PVP, an extra patrol (a few hundred extra Alliance Gems), more cash, more restocks, etc., just to name a few.

As for the ads, no one is making you watch them if you paid money. If you paid, you get the rewards that you paid for. If you want to watch the ads to get even more, the option is there. There are limits on things like this and the quick wins because allowing someone to just spam watch ads all day for gold would imbalance the natural progression of the game.

Now, with that said I do agree changing the hero frags around in PVP and Gauntlet so much is annoying. I have been playing awhile and have a fair number of 10* heroes so it doesn’t bother me much, I can usually spend gems on one of the heros that pops up that I have 10* and get heronium to spend on other heroes I want to level. However, for newer players I could see how it would be super frustrating trying to level up a specific hero. As it currently stands there is no way to consistently get fragments for a hero you want to 10* outside of doing hard modes, and even that changes month to month. The only other consistent is the daily hero frag rewards and at 3 or 5 a piece,e it would take forever to get a 10* hero that way.


I struggle with a lot of the same things. It may be because I am an old school gamer and grew up without the constant grinding used in current pay-to-play models. You either pay with your money or you pay with your time (to get ahead within the game). In this game you always pay with your time since they make everything take as long as possible even after you have given them money.
A lot of newer gamers accept this way of doing things. They just accept that this is the way it is and as long as the bulk of players go along with this type of business model it will just keep growing.
My advice is to find another game if you find it too frustrating.
If you’re laid back enough to put up with it, stick with it and try to enjoy the good parts.


Totally agree with every word :heart_eyes:, please listen to this developers


These are all valid issues and some of the recent changes have been difficult for a lot of players. It’s taken me a bit to adjust. It is a lot harder now that a few months ago to get to 10 stars (still haven’t, nearly 500 days of play).

I don’t agree with all these points, because change is inevitable and financial viability etc etc, but I do think there an issue with VIP. I’ve always thought it odd that I spend money to climb VIP levels and unlock rewards, then essentially have to spend more money to use some of those rewards that I just bought. Doesn’t seem right. Even if it is an optional thing it’s a thing I’ve spent REAL money on and as a customer I shouldn’t be hit up with extra costs. But that’s why I’ve stopped spending money on VIP.

There are issues with Alliance Wars, but that’s for another chat/rant.

Still, I love this game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think that rotating the heroes is to give people a chance to work on multiple heroes instead of all the same. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Instead of people maxing the same heroes and then having the same min max opponents in pvp is old and tired. If there isn’t anyone you want then just reset them. All VIP is the same anywhere you go. Who cares that you don’t use some of the stuff did you really spend the money just for VIP level? There’s the important VIP levels that give you 2 resets on gauntlet and 4 hearts for pvp. When you reach that point in my opinion you have kept the game going and don’t really need to spend more. Remember transactions are so that the game stays on. I just wish that micro transactions were still micro. The games you grind are not made to have the same mindset as classic games. But then again it isn’t the first mindset change in video games. Focus on enjoying the now. I don’t have any 10 star heroes but I’m not complaining and i like war rewards so not stopping that either as i get m9re frags from it… or maybe realize how many alliance tokens you get from war and get frags from alliance shop. I like the change and it’s not hard to adjust to getting the heroes i want frags and not the same as everyone else.


Years to get 10* hero’s? I have 4 10* and up until recently I was vip 0


Only suggestion I really want to see is sorting the hero on the hero screen. I hate having to try to figure out who’s in what faction by having to click every single one


Spot on brother, spot on! I see alliances falling apart and people who been loyal grinders quitting with every update! And there’s always the same morons defending what DEVs do… people should not burn out, they should enjoy the game and progress made… screw this, 72 heroes and adding more for what?! Can’t finish them without spending more and more… and those who can’t pay or don’t want to pay, but want to be successful keep falling behind. Greed is destroying this game. Stores are always working so don’t “fix em”… tix the rest, Amen :pray:


Developers, please read and respond to this thread. Every word holds weight.


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…uh? Are you do attempting to solicit another players account on the official forums? #fearless

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Super against TOU. A reminder for everyone to read their Terms of Use and abide by them.

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Naughty, naughty KillerBee. Heh heh. No, I won’t be selling my account. And I believe I will return to this game after a few weeks’ break as there is a lot to love about this awesome game and I am hopeful that the developers will implement some of my suggested changes. I would gladly give the developers more money if the rewards were better. If the rewards don’t improve, or the grinding is still painful, I will leave permanently.