Sneak Peak: Alliance Wars!


One think that is happening for the test now. Basically second war in and I am kind of upset as we are going against the 3 strongest alliances on that map. On our left we have OWN2 and on our right we have SOD. they have teamed up against us as we took the middle in about one hour. On the right side of SOD there is OWNED which they not attacking SOD as per plan of teaming up with OWN2. As OWNED is part of the OWN family. And OWNED is attacking only 25R which they have on their right side. And is frustrating because we are getting attacked to cut us the line supply to the middle. And it looks like we as alliance are fighting against 3 other teamed up alliances. The first war was fine as you could see one day someone attacked you but the next day not as much as probably they were fighting on the other front but then the other side attacked us and it was more balanced. I did see that now on the second war 3 alliances have teams up. Story cut short a bit more then one week down the line and is not fun anymore. My feedback as per the game mode is great but my suggestion is that HH should see if they can do somehow a way that alliances could not team up. Because whatever you do if they team up means. 25 players in my alliance times 20 battle points is 500 battle points. 3 of them teaming up means that with 500 battle points I go against 1500 battle points. As I see it that is a big issue. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


Another point of view (my point of view) is that it’s actually kind of cool. I haven’t experienced and I’m sure it sucks to be teamed up against, but I feel like it’ll add an extra dynamic to the war. It kind of lifts the game more into the real world with the concept of diplomacy and the strategic moves you can make with alliancing with an opponent or betraying them at the right moment.


Read a good quote today that really pertains to the recent concern.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb


I am sure together you go far but there is some proverbs that probably would be right for what you doing.

and why not. Upload cupel of pictures and teach people in here how cheating gets done. At least when it will be full release everyone will know how to do it.


I love you. You’re are my daily entertainment. Thank you for your wise words.

EDIT: Developers, in light of the amazing insight I’ve just received from @Gentjan1987 I have an additional suggestion to remove the possibility for players to cheat.

Please get rid of alliances in general. As @Gentjan1987 rightfully pointed out, working together to get maximum points in events such as bounty and PvP is completely unfair and considered cheating. In order to make it fair, players must only work individually to accomplish tasks. Teaming up with 24 other individuals in game is cheating! Therefore, as my good friend above states so justly, please get rid of alliances.

Thank you.


They way you saying is that how it works and working within the alliance is how HH made this game. Basically you have to accept they way you doing it and should ask HH to do a team up alliance wars. And not alliance wars only. And I am fine with HH doing that as that means we have to try and find alliances that would ally with others to do another game mode mate. But not this one. Is called alliance wars. Not team up alliance wars. I am sure you are clever then that.


I totally get it. You’re way smarter than I am. I have no idea what alliance means or even the concept of what alliances entail. I defer to your excellency in regards to how best to implement the concept of alliances. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I am a better person for having read such glorious facets of knowledge from a great man such as yourself. I look forward to hearing how HHG will stop diplomacy amongst alliances and make sure everyone plays fair.


Nice to see progress in you. Lol And I am out.


I’d love if you could point us all to a war in the entire history of the world in which countries did not side with each other for victory? This isn’t Kindergarten where everyone gets to be a winner. This is Alliance Wars - where you do what you need to in order to win.

Let me try to drive this point home: Just because teaming up isn’t how YOU want the game to be played - does NOT mean that it’s “cheating”. It’s a part of the strategy of the game and you are not the authority on what is considered “fair”. If you want to play wars without using the strategy available, fine; that’s your decision. But don’t expect everyone else to play the way that you want to.

This is like if you were playing football/soccer and you decided that you were only going to use one foot. That’s totally fine; but now you’re getting mad at everyone else for using both of their feet. It makes no sense. There’s a good reason that everyone is disagreeing with you - it’s because you’re wrong.


Our first war we did really well. We won. We also were allied with two other alliances. In this one, we are getting our butts handed to us. Two alliance have been consistently attacking us. Also a few of our members I believe have done next to nothing. Since I can’t see how many battle points everyone has I don’t know for sure. But that’s a totally different subject. It sucks that we are constantly bombarded and having a hard time doing anything. It’s war. All’s fair in love and war they say.


Playing football and wanting to use both your feet means you play with 24 other players in your alliance. Teaming up with someone is basically Manchester City and Liverpool teaming up together and who decide to get the premier league. A bad example you took in this case. If you want to speak right you team up when you see you lost already. And I am sure it was dead end for them once we took the middle of the zone. Probably they would’ve captured that but one or two and now in the last days of it. Which still would have not been enough for them to be at the top anyway. But that’s fine I am sure at some point it will happen to anyone and you will see how you would feel. All I am saying in this case is that HH should try and fix it. And if they do I don’t understand why most of you are against it.


I’m with @Gentjan1987 on this. It should be every alliance for themselves. Alliances teaming up for these Wars will kill the fun in the long run and drive away players. It’s a slippery slope.

Furthermore (and this is just the way I am), I don’t like the idea of teaming up with any other alliance for this event. I see it as fighting for glory for your alliance and yours alone. Every other alliance on that leaderboard is my enemy, period. Fighting against all of them is seen as a bigger and better challenge to me. If an alliance I’m in teams up with another, I would probably leave.