Sneak Peak: Alliance Wars!


Anyone gotten a confirmation they were picked for the test round?


Pas de réponse reçue pour l’instant


No. I’ve been anxiously waiting and keeping the game open in case there is a time limitation on accepting the invite.


“No response received for now”


It will probably be later afternoon or tomorrow morning. I hope it isn’t right before it starts


From what I understood the event itself starts tomorrow and picked alliances would get a notification on the 18th.


That’s not good to hear. It’s the 19th


Yesterday was a stat holiday here, so Inbox messages will be sent out today! Happy to see so much excitement for Alliance Wars! We had over 400 Alliances register for the test, and we can’t wait for all of you to get a chance to play it! Even if your Alliance isn’t selected for the test, rest assured participating Alliances will not gain any kind of special advantage. This test and your feedback will help us ensure that Alliance Wars is the best it can be when it releases!

There is no action required before the first War is scheduled to start on Feb 20th at 19:00 UTC(subject to change). If your Alliance is selected, a new Alliance Wars panel will show up on the Alliance Screen beside Patrols with a countdown timer until the first War starts.


Say, in a hypothetical situation of course, my alliance was selected because you guys think we’re amazing and you know how much value we would bring to the test and you couldn’t get enough of my dry wit and great story telling abilities let alone my dashing good looks and great intellect, would the message to the inbox contain instructions on how to submit feedback for the test?

In a hypothetical situation of course.


Please pick our alliance.


Our guild got chosen. This will be fun.


Got the conformation msg that we were not sellected, however congradulations on the Alliances sellected, I look forward to hearing all the feaback & I wish all to enjoy! We non selected Alliances want some sold constructive feedback!! I hope there will be another test before release, experiance is a significant advantage to have however I am counting on the chosen to provide detailed orinted reports! Have Funn and congradulations! :tada:

:heart:Had u got chosen? What’s ur ally?


Sorry your alliance wasn’t chosen @JLee !

I plan to share all my thoughts and give some thorough feedback and constructive criticism on this, that will hopefully help you out as well as the community :slight_smile:


@Poobgloob you are the best! :sunglasses:


Can someone make a video on alliance wars ?


One thing I would like to see added is the ability to see who still has battle points left. If not for everyone, at least for the leader and maybe the officers.


Also I think people will be reluctant to share pictures or videos right now. We all are under the fog of war. We don’t even know who we are facing yet. Pictures would give our enemies our position and strategies.


I’ll post to my thread in a bit. Not a video today; maybe tomorrow. But I’ll post screenshots. Don’t really care too much about winning or losing during data. Not like we win anything.


Can’t wait for this to happen. Thanks for the great game


Where is the Feadback! :smiling_imp: I am excited to learn more! Hope everyone has great things to share, think positive, by providing the exciting aspects before introducing changes that could make it better! :kissing_heart: