Sneak Peak: Alliance Wars!


Im excited for this addition to the game i know its been discused somewhat in the past…but to see how you guys developed it makes me happy for new content! Keep the new content coming…

Also hoping my idea for new content makes it in the game soon that would be awesome and also keep the game dutting edge…new weapons for heros like you guys have introduced new skins and just use the same system for new weapons i.e. common rare legendary


This looks awesome, Looking forward to it.


ah, it seems i truly was on to something


Looks interesting, but let’s wait for the beta and the practice. But I have a question, are the heroes used (to conquer / occupy one zone) then locked in a different mode like the patrols? For example: 5 heroes on patrols and 5 heroes in the Alliance War. Will not 10 of my heroes be available?


looks pretty interesting, it will surely bring back people to HH and glued them in game.

I wish our alliance also picked up for this event.

@Huginn @Muninn really appreciate your work to made us available with this surprising event.


Wow!!! Pretty exciting topic!!!:+1::+1:


Hope (DBOYZ) DESIBOYZ will get picked …


@Huginn & @Muninn - Thanks for the additional explanations! I can’t really overstate my excitement for this!


Fricc, I’d one holding sector 69 with a meme team. Aw man, it actually looks like I have to try to be competitive for once… I’m not a competitive player, that’s for sure.


I fully expected a Clash of Clans rehash…this seems different, maybe. I am interested in how it flows and plays out though.


Great news hh looking forward to this, just what the game needed.


Glad to see you guys keep coming up with stuff to make the game more fun and interesting. I look forward to trying this.


This sounds like a load of fun added to the game. Has definitely needed something for the alliances to do battle. Plus from a comment above about hero’s that are used being locked out for a period of time I think would be a good idea making for an even more strategic approach to using yer hero’s.


I think locking hero’s out will be to much of a drain for other events, PvP, coop, patrols, bounties etc

Newer players won’t have any hero’s to use


I think locking an alliance roster is a great idea !

I do not think locking heroes while being used in AW is a good idea, for the reason’s @Kraterios said


I guess we’ll see what happens in the test!


Hmm… don’t lock roosters in alliance war as by doing it we can’t play PvP …


They are locking alliance rosters, as they already do in bounty. Not your hero rosters.


Oh! Ok😮 you are correct


All I ment about locking hero’s is only for alliance wars not everything sorry if miss spoke. So not completely like patrols where if they are being used you can’t use them elsewhere. Just if they are used in wars they would be locked in wars for a period of time so same hero’s are not used continuously thru the event.