Sneak Peak: Alliance Wars!


Hmm… don’t lock roosters in alliance war as by doing it we can’t play PvP …


They are locking alliance rosters, as they already do in bounty. Not your hero rosters.


Oh! Ok😮 you are correct


All I ment about locking hero’s is only for alliance wars not everything sorry if miss spoke. So not completely like patrols where if they are being used you can’t use them elsewhere. Just if they are used in wars they would be locked in wars for a period of time so same hero’s are not used continuously thru the event.


How do I sign up for the alliance war test???


I got the signup for beta survey. I am not sure how to properly fill it though. It asks for my alliance name, my team name, alliance tag and alliance power. It’s all very self-explanatory expect for what’s the difference between alliance name and team name.


Glad I’m not the only one who finds it confusing :sweat_smile:


Hope we’re getting an answer.
My guess is that Team Name refers to MY name in the team, aka. my in game alias. Or? I don’t wanna send in something that’s faulty.


Muito bom (LYON)ZYONLYON TEAM Aliança quer participar !


Team Name is your account name.


Maybe I’m just stupid but I can’t put in number in the team name section so i can’t actually put my username in. It’s the same as on here Nao132


If we happen to fill it out wrong are we able to resend?


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try it out! :grinning:


I messed it up the first time and resubmitted the survey. Then I sent a message to support to let them know. Hopefully this doesn’t disqualify my alliance from a chance to test it out.


Союз [OWN] Our World Now будет рад принять участие в бэта тесте! :slight_smile: И естественно, грамотно оценить это соревнование! :sunglasses:


Nome da equipe
Muito Obrigado !


I can’t find where it says how to sign up


You had to be an Alliance Commander to get the invite. If you are a Commander then you will find the signup in a message in your inbox in the game.


When I registered my alliance, I entered in all the info but for my team name I assumed it meant my gamer tag. It wouldn’t let me enter in numbers so I just did Haywire instead of Haywire0311. Hope that still counts.


That’s fine. Your team’s name is mostly for verification purposes. Alliances who were not signed up by the Commander by some fluke are removed from the matching pool. Yours is close enough to be fine.