Skin Suggestion: Zodiac Series

Waaaazzzzuuuuuuupp everyone.

Finally got back alive…

Anyways, I am here posting my first post on 2021.
Yep, I’m suggesting new skin designs.

Gonna show them off right now.

Here’s the list of the zodiac signs with their corresponding chosen hero:

  • Aries - Hideo
  • Taurus - Shank
  • Gemini - Halloway
  • Cancer - Jarek
  • Leo - Kurtz
  • Virgo - Pris
  • Libra - Ifrit
  • Scorpio - Mauler
  • Sagittarius - Artemis
  • Capricorn - Calidus
  • Aquarius - Anvil
  • Pisces - Fischer

And, (drum roll ) here’s my created designs.
(I know they’re just overlayed skins, but still I will show them off)

What do you think of this guys? What can you say?

Hope you like it guys. :sweat_smile:

Thanks btw to @Braveheart596 for the wonderful help. Hehehe


Kurtz is funny​:joy: but Artemis and Pris are looking Perfect :ok_hand:

I like all of them except Ifrit the meaning of ifrit because it doesnt fit his name which means Jin (dark creature). But the rst are so cool especially scorpion and cancer WOW.

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Jarek and halloway look awesome, good job.

I do not know anything about zodiac signs at all but I love the skin designs

Make Venom have a Snake skin for the year of the zodiac signs. Nice Job!:+1:

10/10. Fischer, King of Atlantis.