💬 “Silenced” - a 'Hero Hunters' story (Part 4): A battle against death


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The fourth part of the “SHILOH Transmissions” . Part 3 will provide background to the story you are about to read.*

:warning: [Although the content contains no explicit/gory content, the story can be intense at times. Viewer discretion is advised.]

“Papa, why do you have to go? You just got back from your long trip; I’ve missed you.”

“It’s only for a little while longer sweetie, I’ve missed you too. When I get back, you know what we’ll do? I’ll show you all of the neat things in my workshop. There’s some new things I’ve been working on that you’ll like."

“That sounds fun! Did you like my robot I made when you were away?”

“Of course Dani! You’re growing up to be a very smart young lady. We’ll have a lot of fun when I get back, okay?

“Okay, Papa. I love you.”

“I love you too, my sweet shiloh. I’ll be back in a month; you be good when I’m away."

“Yes Papa.”


Smoke lingered in the air. The gray sky hung low over the torn countryside, a gentle rain sprinkled the battlefield. All the while, lonesome breezes ran through smoldering grass.

In the midst of it all, a young woman lay in a waterhole, soaked thoroughly and covered in mud. The battle had swept over her, passed over by enemy and ally alike. Forgotten.

The woman’s eyes weakly opened, dazed and aimless. She turned over to one side, getting an arm underneath to push herself up. A cry escaped her mouth and she collapsed back into the mud, gripping her stomach. Two gristly rounds had found their mark, the wounds swollen and burning beneath her vest. She had been injured, although she didn’t know how.

It took nearly a half hour for her to stand to feet, bracing against a nearby overturned jeep. It took even more strength to begin walking out of the gully where she stood.

Columns of smoke rose from the city, while distant gunfire echoed over lifeless winds. The factory where the enemy had been still remained standing, A KLG flag waving proudly over it. It was then she realized what happened, staggering at the revelation.

The KLG had somehow pushed Guard forces back into the city; they had lost the battle. In addition, she failed to secure the paramedic, and had been exposed. Her weapon was nowhere to be found, and she was too weak to carry a rifle. The whole mission had led to failure. Worse still, she had failed to implement her true plan; Shiloh never intended to bring Flatline to Kurtz.

Shiloh wasn’t going to betray the paramedic at all.

She wished to get her away from the battle so Shiloh could confess everything. The mission assignment, Kurtz’s purpose for the paramedic, the behavior of the 4th division, everything. Shiloh had been misunderstood, failing to reveal the truth in time.


Her shock was interrupted by the shooting pains in her stomach. She needed medical treatment, and quickly. Having been healed for so long, she quickly realized just how vulnerable she was in that moment.

Rummaging through debris, she eventually unearthed a supply box. Inside were a handful of bandages, an empty canteen, and a single can of soup. It wasn’t much, but it would take the edge off the encroaching pain and hunger. She quickly scoffed down the soup, covering her mouth to prevent throwing it back up. She needed nutrition, regardless of how it felt.

Leaning against the jeep, she opened a small knife to clean and dress her wounds as best she could. Searing pain shot through her body with cruel blows, and Shiloh gritted her teeth in response. The paramedic’s overheal had weakened her tremendously, and its effects still lingered.

“Need to get back. Have to get out of the open.”

She had barely taken a few steps when she noticed a glimmer in the corner of her eye. Lawgiver aircraft scanned the ground for life with cold blue lights. She ducked for cover as they flew by, blending into the earth. Each aircraft seemed to bellow in anger; they were looking for survivors.


As Shiloh staggered back toward the city, the seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. Without medication, the pain thrashed her, making the journey an unpleasant one. It took the rest of the day before she reached the outskirts. The desolate suburbs were a haven for criminal activity, and she couldn’t protect herself there. As a result, she headed for the forest. She would rather deal with Rangers than twisted Morlocks or deranged scavengers.

In the forest, trees provided protection from prying eyes. As the daylight faded, she thatched a makeshift shelter against a tree, and snuggled underneath a pile of leaves. Her injured exhaustion had drained her; she could care less about planning for the next day. She quickly fell asleep, hidden for the time being.


The voice in her dream spoke again:

“Where are you Shy? I…need you.”


The morning brought no shortage of troubles. Shiloh’s wounds showed signs of infection, festering underneath the wrapped bandages. The pain came in throbbing waves, sending her reeling with tense cramps. She did her best to clean the wounds in a nearby creek of water, but it was a temporary fix at best. Low on water and options, she filled her canteen and used the rest of the bandages.

Shiloh sat down on a log, chewing on a piece of bark for a crude breakfast. It tasted bitter and earthy, but was filling enough.

“Where am I supposed to go now? The People’s Guard probably knows I’m a spy now, and Kurtz is going to have me…”

She stopped her thought. Was Kurtz really going to punish her? The KLG had been victorious that day; it only could’ve happened because Kurtz gave the support. Perhaps he captured Flatline himself and was waiting for Shiloh to be found.

“If he doesn’t kill me, these wounds will. I need to get back to the base. Maybe he’ll see my injury and forgive me because of it.”

The journey would be a long one, as the base was on the far side of the city. Still, Shiloh perceived it to be the best option in that moment. Without hesitating, she gathered her pack and began the trek.


The morning had been bright and sunny, but by afternoon, dark rainy clouds rolled in. Shiloh spent several hours ducking in and out cover in an attempt to stay dry. The rain was persistent, but it wasn’t the most challenging part of the journey.

Bands of motley scavengers ran through the muddy streets, many of them with oozing, spiked weapons and flickering torches. Morlocks. They carried KLG and People’s Guard equipment in grimy sacks. It was clear they had picked the battle clean, like vultures on a fresh kill. However, they were peering into windows and searching the buildings, as if they were looking for something. Something was off.

“Gah, Heim’s a scab fer makin’ us find this cursed spy. We got the loot, ain’t that enugh?”

“If you don’t shut it, you’ll be the one missing. He’s paying us a lot, and I’m not letting a fool like you muck this up.”

“She ain’t in here! If the Guard come n’ find us, they’ll mangle us up. Plus its gettn’ dark, and Razor wanted the loot befur dusk.”

“They won’t find us, Guardsmen are…”

Shiloh couldn’t make out the rest of the Morlock’s sentence, although it sounded profane and condescending. They weren’t looking for her, right? She didn’t want to stay to find out, so she stealthily vanished into the concrete jungle.


The rains had ceased, but flat, gray clouds still hung over the somber city. Shiloh scurried over eroded barriers and crumbling ruins, making her way into the inner-city where the base was. Wide roads sprawled in either direction, and towering skyscrapers tilted to one side, damaged by years of war and decay.

Off in the distance, the colossal base loomed, set against a backdrop of a brilliant orange sunset. A few more blocks and she would have the chance to redeem herself, a chance to make things right…

…but not a chance to notice the person standing behind her.


Shiloh turned around too late. The figure smashed their gun into her sternum, knocking her over a barricade. As she stood to her feet, sharp needles pelted her torso, igniting a new flash of pain. Shiloh staggered forward and threw blind punches as the assailant, all to no avail. The figure swiftly clocked Shiloh in the mouth, laying her out on the asphalt in a throbbing daze. The stranger, a pale lanky girl dressed in spiked clothes placed her boot on Shiloh. She wore a gleeful, demented expression, a glint of malice in her eye.

“Aren’t you a popular one. Kurtz was smart to not trust his clever little bird.”

“Who…are you?!” Shiloh gasped for breath as her vision focused on the menacing girl standing over her. A Morlock, the same profane one she saw earlier.

“None of your business, spy! What you should know is that you’re a dead girl walking. Heimlock has a nice price for your head, and that bounty is mine.” She continued to speak, a twisted smile on her face.

“It’s so funny that you trusted that paramedic. You really thought she was your friend? How do you think she knew about your little plan?”

This Morlock knew a lot more about the operation than Shiloh expected. The girl must’ve seen the shock on her face, because she grinned even more.

“Aw, you don’t know, do you Shaw? It’s a shame really, you working so closely for a “friend” setting you up for Kurtz. I hear she and Kurtz have gotten along very nicely. Guess she replaced you.”

It couldn’t be true. Flatline was loyal to the People’s Guard; she couldn’t be an operative working for Kurtz! Why did he send Shiloh out if he already had Flatline! She couldn’t believe Kurtz actually wanted her dead!

“NO! I won’t…believe your lies Morlock! Cursed…scum!” She scowled and thrashed underneath her enemy’s boot, gasping for breath and gritting her teeth in anger. A sharp, searing stab from the Morlock’s weapon caused Shiloh to cease, rendering her incapacitated.

“I beg to differ.”

The sewer-girl then pulled a glowing red device from her pocket, the same kind that Shiloh used with Kurtz. The message on it sent a wave of crushing defeat over her:

“The People’s Guard has been defeated. Flatline has reported back to me safely, but Shaw is M.I.A. Find Danielle Shaw and eliminate her. Once she is dealt with, I will pay Heimlock for your work. You sort out the rest.”



“I’m gonna enjoy the “eliminate” part of this, Shaw.”

The Morlock raised a glowing canister above her head, noxious gasses flowing down over her shoulders. A look of deranged joy danced across her face, one of cold-blooded insanity. Shiloh resigned herself to her fate, gently closing her eyes as the sun faded under the horizon. She had nowhere to run anyway.


A sonorous hum, a blurry wisp, a sudden jolt. The Morlock girl flew against a nearby brick wall, a crackling thud piercing the air. She fell to the ground with a stunned cry, the canisters shattered in pieces around her.

Shiloh, on the verge of death, waited for the inevitable. A different Morlock must’ve wanted the bounty for himself. Heavy steps drew close, the hum getting louder and louder.

“You’re alive, oh thank God you’re alive! I’m so sorry I didn’t find you earlier, Shy.”

The voice was not harsh or menacing. It was urgent, yet peaceful, caring, yet sincere. She recognized that voice as the one from her dreams. She knew who that voice belonged to.

“…you’re…here…I…” Her voice trailed off as she passed out, the world swirling into darkness.

The kindred voice picked her up off the damp ground, carrying her to safety. In and out of consciousness, Shiloh remembered being hurried in a vehicle into a cold forest somewhere. She heard shouts, although inaudible and muffled in her injured state. All the while, his strong arms held her tight.

Her dreams proved true. Surge had come for her.


Time will tell when they will return…


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That’s a fitting chapter for a gripping story. Fine addition to Morlocks language with profanity and maniac tendencies - seems fitting.

I would suggest you to open up Instagram page or share it on FB. If devs like it as much as good it actually is then they might feature your story on their account. It could actually boost participation of players to show creative side with sketches/stories and any way they think Hero Hunters is part of their creativity.


I really hope so, that would do so much good for the community and the tone of the game as a whole! By Instagram do you mean make a new page for stories? Cause I could definitely do that. I think I’ll share it on the FB too, just to see if there’s a response.

Thanks KET4N! :wink:


I can add that having a community submitted page for all writers can be good. I have read some stories and maybe collectively you all can take this lore of fan fiction ahead.

Forum also has lot of people who post character designs too which can really be reached out to more people if available for visible audience.

Been on instagram and I do know that there are plenty of readers out their and if they love game, they sure will like to be part and contribute to this part of community :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice chapter, with different posts and all I feel like you need to find a way to keep it all in one place, like I suggest a google doc or maybe even something like Wattpad, it be easier for yourself and for others as well, if you need any help you know where to find me


Absolutely! I’m actually curious to hear, what character might be good to introduce in the story?

I’m planning a “rebellion” in the story, and Shiloh’s squad needs a few other in-game characters (in addition to Surge who’s already been introduced). It could be any character, or a turncoat KLG member, I just wanted to hear your thoughts.


And this is to you @Mxeno_skorpion and @KET4N, but anyone can add their thoughts! :wink:


I will send them as message :slightly_smiling_face:


Brother I hope you find a place to work at the Hothead Head quarters because you dont find true love and passion creativity insiration. When They sign u just remember me lol❤


Lol thanks man! There’s so many good story ideas, and I certainly do hope for an opportunity like that soon! :wink::+1:


TBH, your Shiloh Transmissions look fantastic! Love the story and the character herself. Got a good look at her concept and seriously speaking, I would like this character added in the game (just saying, not off topic) and say really well done on your effort and time to create pieces of creativity like this


Aw thanks man! I appreciate it! :blush:


I agree with u HecklerP. Vint here spent so much time doing all of this, we should be having more of this around the community. I also agree with Mxeno that u post it up on Wattpad so more people can see what you have done.


I’m a procrastinator, I know :confused: :joy: I need to publish stuff more often. Thanks Spyro :+1:


No, take your time with your stories. A wise person (the one u are looking at the screen) once said, quality, not quantity. People succeed in Wattpad and other story websites do not post often, but take their time to create quality. Just take it slow mate. Think of creating a story like creating a hero suggestion.


Wise advice, this is. Taken it into consideration, it will be.


The wise with the quotes, take this sentence with inspiration
I have too much time on my hands


Oh my goodness :joy: Such tomfoolery.


I have waaaaaaaaaay too much free time on my hands. Should be helping the alliance, but I already have 3 heroes on patrol, daily done, so I have time to kill.