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Has anyone come up with any good Brogan builds? Seems like he’d have to be in a very support heavy team, since the goal has to ultimately involve getting him to unleash multiple buffs on his guys, which would probably take forever to pull off. Probably something with shielding from Butter or Kobold, so he can keep redistributing them to his allies.

Not sure I know how to use him effectively TBH.


I hear Caine and Fran as a good combo but need to keep Brogan alive long enough to be effective


Yeah, I could see it working with either of them. If you distribute countermeasures or taking a swig to your whole team, things are going to get real fun, real fast. But distributing it to Brogan in time for him to distribute outwards while the enemy is trying to blast your face in sounds hard.


TBH keeping Brogan alive is something he doesn’t need help with. He’s constantly adding health to himself. For me he’s often last man standing.


Wow, Brogan is not very good. Lead by example’s cooldown is ridiculously long. How is this guy supposed to be PVP viable?


I think he’s only PvE viable.


He’s not the best but he can get some work done also in PVP.
I never reflected that Lead By Example has a long cooldown.


Hes good for me in patrols so far…

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Congrats man! I thought mine was good and 2 × 5* aswell! Nice


Yeah, but all of that damage came as your only mech char against a mech and energy team, with energy shielding x2.

Lead by example’s cooldown, even with his gold skill, has to be at least 30 seconds. How often do you use it in a PVP match? 3 times? I guess you could make it faster if you put some glass cannons around him for flatline to revive, but that’s a dangerous game to play for a good but not overwhelming buff.


Yours was pretty sick; probably better to get Artemis and Brogan than 2 Brogans that I can barely use, lol. But good drops for us both!

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Here is my latest. Nothing too exciting. Closer to getting heim to 10*


Congrats @ULFPAM @Grasher

But no one will beat my 2nd their kobold brogan :rofl::ok_hand:


Oh friend. Just you wait. Lemme just charge up my VISA card.

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holy crud


a 5 star is guarentee so even the razor isnt good XD


If I want to, I do it.

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Finally a 7* hero after opening 2 bounty event crate.

I don’t have Oracle, Prophet and Brogan yet. :expressionless:


Didn’t make a screen shot but pulled the single bounty crate twice and got artimis on second pull. Usually not that lucky. My first 7 star

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I’ve only done a few of these ever, and this was pretty bad. I’m still missing all the 7-stars :sob: