Share Your 10x Hero Crate Openings!


Keep in mind that Fischer is a good splish splash boi now.


Wait that was your final 7* heroes?
That means you might be the first person I know that has full 7* heroes!


There are plenty of players with a full roster, check the top ranked alliances. :slight_smile:


Yeah theres plenty of ppl with all heroes, but yeah that was the las2 and got them in a random 10 drop


Yeah im looking forward to shoreman this month! Hopefully im not the only one!


This is my.


Yes i have its posted below


Do you have some changed or very high graphics? Well btw congrats …


Yes, my schedule is different.
This is not an English version of the game.


Not sure if the pics came thru but these were my last 4 10x opens will have another soon. Best one I had I got 3 heimlock in one crate. This is really the only crate I ever open.


Probably it last week


This was good! I got Brogan!


Wow that’s a great 10x!! And you got him on a regular pull too, not the final one, which makes it extremely impressive. I’d be so thrilled with that!


Congrats!! Have you used much yet?


Congrats @ULFPAM… Try using BROGAN and tell how is he!! Enjoy brotha!!!


He’s definitely nothingness special at all. :slight_smile: He’s not bad. Bur, you know. Maybe he’s along the 35 best heroes or something.


Try the synergy Francoise and Brogan. Use Fran’s silver and then use her bronze to toss it at brogan, then use brogan’s silver to distribute it to every single ally


That’s a lot of set-up and messing around wasting valuable time trying to target Brogan with her skill in time with his skill being / getting fully charged. But I can see it as a great synergy on paper.
One thing with Brogan is that he’s quite hard to take down - he’ll constantly add health to himself, each time he reloads. But he doesn’t do much harm.


I got Brogan x2!

Still don’t have a Panzer, though. I’d give away one of those Brogans for a Panzer at this point…


Neeeerd! :smiley:
Seems like lot of people got lucky with Brogan lately.