Share Your 10x Hero Crate Openings!


Fun little curiosity:
I got Prophet from one of my first, if not THE first hero crate.


You’re blessed by HH gods :pray:t5: Amen


Sooner than you think dude… have faith :joy::wink:


Haven’t brought a 10x crate yet because I can’t get VIP, but I opened a 10x brogan crate and got oracle. People always tell me that 10x super hero crates give a 5 star, but my luck is super trash and I only get crates if I’m guaranteed a five star. The luckiest I’ve been is buying a single hero crate and getting heimlock.


bringin this thread back alive
(also curious if anybody got screenshots of pulling Brogan)


They have increased the drop rates of the 7 star heroes now i actually was able to pull prophet from a 10 hero crate drop.


I have yet to open a 10× HERO
Has anyone got Brogan from 10 opening


You have to be VIP to open 10x hero unless they changed it… Not sure why this is a restriction.


How u adjust drop rates @jlm ?


As a player, you can of course not adjust the drop rates. This is something only the developers are in position of doing.