Share Your 10x Hero Crate Openings!


As a player, you can of course not adjust the drop rates. This is something only the developers are in position of doing.


Nothing special, but I wasn’t get most of these frags anywhere else :man_shrugging:t5:


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Pretty happy with this and the odds are crazy to get both 7*


I am offcially jealous. Everyone’s getting Brogan and Artemis and I’m sitting here like…

Congrats on a VERY RARE and HYPER SUCCESSFUL 10x crate!


Lmao. I’d shit my pants if I got that and you’re “pretty happy” with it :joy:


Wow @searash !!! Congrats bro!!!




(if you boil up a similar 10x crate for me I’m gonna use the VISA card to pop’ em open)
hint wink wink hint


Thanks man! Iwas suprised too say the least! Was the last 2 i was needing also :wink:


Haha i was trying to be subtle! Got another drop with a few 5* maybe 5 or 6 just gotta find the ss, usually get operator or fischer frags lol


Keep in mind that Fischer is a good splish splash boi now.


Wait that was your final 7* heroes?
That means you might be the first person I know that has full 7* heroes!


There are plenty of players with a full roster, check the top ranked alliances. :slight_smile:


Yeah theres plenty of ppl with all heroes, but yeah that was the las2 and got them in a random 10 drop


Yeah im looking forward to shoreman this month! Hopefully im not the only one!


This is my.


Yes i have its posted below


Do you have some changed or very high graphics? Well btw congrats …


Yes, my schedule is different.
This is not an English version of the game.