September 2020 Update Notes

What?! It’s the much requested confirmation button. Cool.


Yeah, I dig that addition a lot. Now there will be lesser complaints of miss-clicked purchases.


Confirmation option is really helpful,now just want an option to open 10 gorgon crates in 1 click.:slightly_smiling_face:


I bought the $59.99 gold bundle and I haven’t received my gold and y’all took my money but I haven’t received my gold

I bought the $59.99 gold bundle and I haven’t received my gold and y’all took my money but I haven’t received my gold

Please contact Support! We can’t do account support here on the forums, as per our Rules and Guidelines:


Somehow now Ghoul can suffer his own Molotov suffering a slow and painful death.
Power has a price.

WHAT THE CRIT?.. Almost all my Critical Chance Skins don’t have Critical Chance Bonus anymore!.. That’s the whole reason I paid all those skin tokens for, to upgrade those skins for their Critical Chance bonus, even though the other skins did more damage I paid to get the increase critical chance…PLEEEEEEASE CHANGE IT BACK… :frowning:



THANKS :heart_eyes:


that happened to me few months ago, went to support and it never fix it… something like hey You have made too many purchases and you cannot tell if it is true or a lie, which is absurd because if I do a lot of purchases I don’t need to lie about that. in my case i lose $19.99 that is nothing but i wanted the gold i needed

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I think that they should change the modality of the season, the scores of the 3 wars would have to be valid, because some alliances do badly one, but the other better and are in good places, while another that makes 3 good wars, they are more down in positions, If the 3 were added they would be in better places

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Seems this is an ongoing problem every time min sim comes out

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I loved seeing Mins Forged Fantasy pun. :wink:

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I’m going to guess on number 100 hero. Isabel at 7 stars

Mine happened at wave 166. :expressionless:

Update: lol now it’s fixed, i can continue. :grinning:


it happen every miasma wave

Seems to happen every simulator … froze up. Happened around 170 or so, then I tried it the next day and it worked, now it’s froze up again. :thinking:🤷🏼

@JDoubleG @Tattooed2316 it’s not fixed, Miasma is still bugged and is what causes the heroes to get stuck running in place. Every day at 12:00 midnight when you daily quests reset the min sim debuff option also resets so it allows you to continue playing until you his Miasma again. Today I went from Wave 215 to 280 but am stuck again.

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exactly… same every min simulator

Oh i see thanks for the info. :grinning: :+1:t2: