Sept/Oct 2020 Update Notes - The Silhouette Update

I’d like to see a super rare, hard to get hero for the 100th hero. Someone that’s skill are really OP like Kurtz truly was when he was FIRST released. Silhouette hasn’t gotten a great start IMHO…

100th hero- 7 star mercenary

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Speciality crate now requires 2 tokens for opening on for bio fragswill that mean front rear mid line rewards will now require 4 tokens per open?

Currently it’s a bug and developers are looking into it. For now don’t spend those Speciality Token. Also Rearline , Midline and Frontline Crates are better options for using those Speciality Tokens.

Thank you guys for voting on the last one, I am not going to close it yet until the update for next month drops. Now, time for some speculation votes.Note this is only a speculation of what I think is coming and I don’t have the authority to guarantee you guys that these are going to happen.
  • We will have a min simulator.
  • There will be a chance to earn the Peck Beck skin and possibly a new legendary skin.
  • The hero is mixed elements.
  • New Game modes???
  • More than two Heroes??
  • New bounty tier rewards??
  • Big Update

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I was right, indeed we have a new leader in a certain faction.