Ruby equipment needed to upgrade

@Gale could you please share me the teams you used for extreme district 2. It will help to select which heros to upgrade. You can share me the teams either here or on discord. thanks in advance

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Appreciate the time spent on that @

Any other strategies to get past extreme 1-8? I’m on 94 with a mix of plat 4/5, still can’t beat it.

Hoping that if I get to 95 with some plat 6, I could get pass that level.

My advise would be not to worry about getting 3*, it’s all about survival so you need to take out chesterfield and then you can hide as mandrake using his silver skill. Alternatively you can try and kill everything, I personally used a mix of serial and siren to taunt and then Wipe everyone while silencing chesterfield so he doesn’t get his flare off. If he is silenced then you can kill him with serial.

A tip for using serial is that his silver can very quickly charge his bronze shield, this means you can get the shield off and then use his silver skill but don’t start shooting until his shield pops, this means you can get your second shield very fast.

I heard that some people used Alvarez to silence chesterfield too, this can work if you can keep alvy alive and keeping him locked out, people like Kaishei won’t be able to block his flare as well. Lancer can be used as well as if you throw the cloak grenade at an enemy it actually silences them, but there is the risk Chesterfield may just move out of the area that’s effected by the grenade.

If all those fail then use the kurtz team I posted above, Kurtz + flatline always works and if you want to go damage approach use halo and hive so everything a hive drone dies it triggers retaliation and also halos lightning. This can be deadly and keep the waves clear, but Chester is still a danger

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Thank you @Gale! This team helped me a lot :smiley:

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Awesome guide! Lot of work! :grinning:

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I’m hoping that extreme district 1 would have all the ruby gears to upgrade some heros to ruby. Extreme 2-1 is impossible with 10* and mix of plat 4 and 5.

You won’t be able to upgrade heroes to ruby without getting past district 1. I made it all the way to 3-9 at level 93 using plat 4s and a plat 5 Kurtz. You can do it easily, you just need to spend the time to learn what teams are needed for what missions and realise that you won’t do it first try, it takes a few tries to do it. I will post some videos below for beating 1-8 and 2-3 as these are the commonly hard missions to beat. If you do need some more help then just pm me on discord, my name is Ghastly#7800



That 1-8 team is a really unorthodox new approach to the mission however, there are plenty of other teams that can do it but the team I used for 2-3 is the most commonly used team, ignore the fact that my team is ruby. This can very easily and was done at level 93 plat 4.

Good luck!


My 1-8E 3* run


any tips for the 4-2 extreme? im stuck there