Role Warfare: Role Specialization


I agree that everyone uses the same heroes. It’s encouraged me to try new things, and some teams I never thought would work actually do - and then you face dog, panzer, night, drake, ifrit and die lol. But at least I’m dying with some renewed interest. For tournaments, it’s pretty much meta meta meta.

I was going to do a whole paragraph on Night, but @DESTROYER1DAN has just shown that it is indeed a real thing, and not just our imagination that her skill focuses fire.

And, I agree that Sogui - why do you have to shut people down so furiously when making your point? You can make the point you have (which is actually often valid from what I’ve seen) without doing that - in fact, you’re probably more likely to be heard. It’s not a good look on you. Hope you take it to heart - the others are meaning well by saying something to you rather than just ignoring you or bashing back.


@DESTROYER1DAN … appreciate the link. I must have missed this post and its has some very helpful clarifications. Including the resulting effects of “Mark or Marked”.

Interestingly enough. There was another thread debating the effect of “Healblock” where the general consensus was that healing was reduced not stopped. But according to the topic you linked, that is not correct.




Just want to emphasis this is not factoring in tons of other aspects of a match. Armor will reduce Dog’s DPS by a good amount, probably around 3k? That would bring his damage per second to 28,700. Also, Night has Stabilize that will heal 12k per second, so that makes her healing per second go from 11,300 to 23,300. Now you are looking at only a 5k difference in Dog’s damage output vs Nightingale’s healing.

Also keep in mind that Dog is only damaging ONE target, Night is healing an entire team for that much. As I said before though, this doesn’t take a ton of other things into consideration. Have Heimlock with Power Drink? Dog’s DPS was just reduced by another 10% on targets under 50% hp, so his DPS would go from 28,700 above, down to 25,830. Trying to target someone rolling around furious and missing several shots?

Of course it goes both ways. There are also damage modifiers to boost Dog’s DPS (his own Tracer Rounds, Cain’es plat for example). His main damage also comes from his abilities when they pop. His regular damage is pretty sub par.


Yeah that’s why I just used his normal shots, no boosts cause that changes a lot, especially if multiple hero’s shot Nightingale, then she drops really fast