Role Warfare: Role Specialization


Just to get some numbers in.

Nightingale can heal 84k~ with her skill

She needs 3 shots to have a full bronze skill
As shown below, she has a 2 second reload and a fire rate of 0.5, so let’s say you have perfect aim and will be able to get 3 shots in 7.5 seconds you heal 84k every 7.5, that’s around 11300 health a second without missing 1 shot, rolling around, stagger or anything else.

Dogface deals 31783 each second without any skills so that’s 3* the amount of healing she does


Thanks for the numbers Kraterios. But are you assuming that Nightingale has 0 HP? Cannot be right?

So we cannot be looking at these 2 numbers in isolation… we need to factor how much base HP Nightingale has (with or wihout Heimlock gold) and calculate how much DPS Dogface needs to put out, and over how much time, which then includes her 11300hp heal per second, not including her plat passive, to see if the heroes are balanced.


What he pointed out as I understood it was that Dogface can even out her healing because he deals damage in higher numbers than she can heal up. Her having 0 or 350K HP is irrelevant for that hypothesis.


What he said, 3 bullets is more than enough to reduce the healing


Wow that is an unnecessary statement/accusation.

And your closing argument (in particular … the reference to an ability that does not exist) is not in-line with your example rotations. ie; not used/cast.

I assume you meant “Locked in”. Which does not focus fire (AI or otherwise) to that target. It does however provide a nice damage increase.


Oh sogui, I actually started to give you some credit on some other posts, but it seems your just the same bitter person as always, I just showed a damage number that deals more then her health, even if it’s 2 shots with 2 second delay your up to 7 seconds…

Taking her stun into consideration that has nothing to do with her healing( what if someone stuns her wow can that can happen to?!..)

Seems I should be starting to ignore you again, have a good one


What an absolute prick attitude. Kraterios helped me a lot with detailed explanations on how the game works.


You forgot night’s passive cooldown was reduced to 10s. So with active cooldown per shot + passive cooldown the heal/s is higher.

Also doggo only have 6 rounds. 345466 = 207,276 / (60.92s) = 207,276/5.92s = 35,012d/s.
If you account the reload time so you have a complete cycle dps = 207,276/(5.92s + 3.5s) = 22,003d/s.
This value would be lower if you also account for dmg reduction due to armor.

Also, doggo can miss, nighty can just roll around and wait for opponent realod for 10s and all is well.


Dogface is a terrible “counter” for Nightingale… because his DPS comes online later… Panzer is better because she has upfront burst and can destroy Night before or around her first heal comes out.

In the Draft Brawl, and in Freeplay this past week, I’ve basically used Clyde to completely destroy Nightingale before she can get her second heal off… because his burst (especially with his newest update making his quickshot way more reliable) can just completely chew through Night’s healing… (I frequently was able to kill Flatline before or at Night’s first heal timing… then go and kill Night before her second timing… thus reducing the risk of having Flatline revive Night before Flat got killed).

The problem I see with people complaining about Night being god like, is the fact that they don’t deal with her correctly… don’t use Dogface… she heals the team way too much (and Dogface is too vulnerable before he gets his DPS ramped up, so an Odachi or Phoenix can delete him before he gets his combo off… and Min now can knock him right out of his combo with her ammo depletion skill) to actually have his DPS be a reliable way to kill a Nightingale team.

The proper response to a Night is a Panzer, Clyde, Hardscope (3 shots of his RPG just devastate any Night or Flatline)… or hell… even a well played Bolt does consistently better than a Dogface. (and all 3 of the non-Panzers tend to take less immediate Aggro from players than a Panzer, because everyone’s like “oh shit… Panzer, kill her with fire right NAO!!!”


Thanks @Rygel, I just tried to point out that his normal shots were better then her heal, but you explained this perfectly!


Butter is so useless even at 4 Badge Gold… I mean he’s just a straight up shield that ain’t worth a Damn give him something where hes a damn Boss! Nightingale is awful as well if she doesn’t have her legendary suit and another healer by her side… What’s up with the damn crates being tiered? I’m mean it’s hard not to spend Gold I mean Damn yo! Help a girl out in this!!! Lol


I don’t like to say you know nothing about PvP, but like sogui says you know nothing.

Nightingale without her skin is still amazing, and butter is an amazing shielder both do their job perfectly


Lecture? Please… AI focuses on destroying cover more than opponent. Butter is useless and nighting gale is hopeless without the skin and without another healer. Learn to play the game? Lol


i just think it’s funny how op night is now, and the last update they didn’t nerf her even tho the whole community was feeling overwhelmed in pvp. i just honestly don’t understand why they want to put their thumb on the scale, wouldn’t the game be so much fun if role warfare was actually real? imagine picking your team based on the skills you would like to use instead of having to pick the same boring heroes. then when they made posts we would actually be excited to read them instead of rolling our eyes at what bs sales pitch they worked all month to cook up lol. let’s put it this way, when i play pvp i see night-panzer 95% of the time (including their bots lol), you’d think that would be enough evidence of them needing to be nerfed. i just get so upset reading these role warfare posts after the update when they didn’t change the op heroes at all. did they not read all the complaints? do they just not care? i placed 4th in that last brawl with the whole community playing w gold 6star heroes, and it was all the same heroes EVERY MATCH WITH EVERY PLAYER. now PLEASE explain to me how on earth you expect role warfare to work when you see everyone picking the same heroes?! if i’m missing something than please explain


ps why do we have to find a hero to counter night? and of course the best counter is panzer, that’s the whole freakin problem lol… i don’t really have a problem beating night, i have a 10star plat +3 night and panzer and can handle myself in pvp. i’m just saying it would be fun to pick some other heroes, and not face those heroes on 95% of the teams… i think role warfare would be the coolest thing ever, too bad it simply doesn’t exist, it’s night and panzer warfare lol


Panzer is the best counter to essentially everyone.

Who’s the best to counter Panzer?




Right. Please point out in the skill description that states “allied hero attacks are focused to the marked target”.

All I am reading is:

“Boosts allied heroes attacks and the targeted enemy is marked. All allied heroes gain X attack damage per second and 15% critical hit chance.”

You also need to ease up on your hostility. It is completely unwarranted and certainly not appreciated.



Yeah he came off kinda hostile for sure.

I too have reread the skill description prior to your post. Was actually surprised it didn’t mention what pretty much has been common knowledge for avid Knight users. It’s pretty obvious [locked in] does focus allied fire, while it clearly doesn’t mention it in the description. One could say, maybe it appears they focus because allied shots hurt more? Meh, I still think when I mark someone my allies are honing in on said mark.


Happy to be corrected. Just not reading it anywhere in the skill.

Just played around in gauntlet a bit and it appears the AI half halfheartedly follows the target I Mark. That is, 2 out of the 3 attacked for around 5 seconds before switching back to their previous targets.

Did the above several times with relatively similar results. Guess my AI is less obedient than others :wink:

In all honesty, I don’t run her that often and even more rarely do I control her. For me she is one of the more boring heroes to control and the AI usually does a decent job of pumping out her heals so I leave it at that.

@Sogui - while you seem to be correct in the skills mechanic, your manner is way out of line.

You have a lot of good information and ideas on these forums but consistently destroy any respect earned with your aggressive responses and general community attacks.



@vestige Being “Marked” literally means the AI-controlled heroes will focus fire on you.There’s an official post about it, and “Locked In” is even used as the example (you have to expand the image and it might be kind of small). However, I feel that the AI are inconsistent as well.

@ll_Guardian_ll It’s Night, not Knight